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Calgary Tradeshow: Judges Name the Best New Product for Pet Care

Judges Name Pet Care Line Best New Product at Calgary Tradeshow
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From food and supplies to toys and accessories, the pet industry has exploded in the last few years, and many companies are trying to get in on the booming market. A new batch of dog products is now available and pet trade shows and expos are seeing their best numbers yet. Last month the Calgary Pet Industry Tradeshow was held in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, and a brand new pet care line was named the show's Best New product.

Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd., a company known for their hemp products, not only branched out into the pet care industry, but they won the Best New Product award for their new Pawsitive FX all-natural pet care line. The company is dedicated to selling high-quality pet products that are effective, healthy for your pet, and also environmentally sustainable.

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The annual show is one of four held throughout Canada and is organized by the Pet Industry Joint Advisory Council of Canada. It was the first show that Pawsitive FX was shown at, and Craig Goodwin, CEO of Naturally Splendid LTD., said the award shows the strong customer demand for the pet care line.

Judges Name Pet Care Line Best New Product at Calgary Tradeshow
Photo: naturallysplendid.com

The line consists of three topical balms enhanced with hemp-oil. It includes Happy Snouts, a healing balm and moisturizer for dogs’ noses, Happy Paws, a conditioner and moisturizer for dogs’ pads, and Strong Paws, a wax which provides the paws protection from the elements. All three products are 100 percent natural.

Happy Paws is specially formulated to soothe your canine’s dry, chapped, rough, or cracked paws. Applying the balm regularly will also help moisturize, prevent irritation, and maintain his paw health. The Happy Paws blend is vegan, organic, and full of healing nutrients.

Strong Paws provides your dog’s paws with protection against the elements. It is ideal for protecting his pads from all types of rough terrain, including hot, cold, rocky, and salty ground. Strong Paws is a wax-based formula that will keep your pooches feet strong while exploring through grass, forests, snow, on the street, and even in your home.

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The third product in the line is Happy Snouts. Since a dog’s nose is his most important tool, it is important that you make sure it is properly cared for. Happy Snouts is specially formulated to provide your pooch with a soothing, gentle cure for their dry, cracked, or chapped nose. It is unscented so that it doesn’t overwhelm their sense of smell.

Naturally Splendid Enterprises Ltd. has an exclusive licensing agreement to market and distribute the complete line of patent-pending, plant-based omega products that was created by Boreal Technologies Group, which is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada at the University of Vancouver.

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