Dog Supplement Helps Prevent Periodontal Disease in Dogs

Many dog owners don’t realize the serious health effects that can come from not maintaining their dog’s oral health.

Since dental chews, brushing, and regular teeth cleanings are not common practice in all households with dogs, Ora-Clens is trying to give dog owners a product that will help with the inflammation associated with periodontal disease.

The company’s nutritional supplement known as 1-TDC Periodontal is a natural and very potent anti-inflammatory.

Periodontal disease happens when bacteria on the teeth develop into soft deposits of plaque and then the plaque becomes mineralized into tartar.

That tartar buildup leads to inflammation and redness of the gums.

The 1-TDC Periodontal dog supplement comes in gel-cap form.

The top twists off and dog owners simply have to squeeze half the solution on one side of their dog’s mouth and half the solution on the other side.

The gel-cap is edible so canines are welcome to eat them after the solution has been released into their mouth.

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