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Canine Drink Company Panting for Public Funding

Canine Drink Company Panting for Public Funding
Photo: Woof & Brew

A new company (2013) that has developed teas, tonics and beer for dogs is looking to the Seedrs Crowdfunding Project for a hefty investment from the public totaling a whopping 250,000 pounds; that equals out to over 365,000 US dollars. For this money, they are willing to offer 8% equity in their company, Woof & Brew, to each investor.

Woof & Brew uses all-natural, dog-friendly herbs and infuses them into teas, tonics, biscuits and now a doggy beer. The canine-inspired drink idea came to co-founder and managing director Steve Bennett as he sat doing some work at a cafe in the midlands. As he sipped his tea he observed the many canines sitting under the tables or nestled by their pet parent's feet.

Canine Drink Company Panting for Public Funding
Photo: Woof & Brew

He realized that people are very aware of what they put into their bodies, so why shouldn't our pets have the same benefits?

After many years of trial and error and getting veterinarian approval on their products, the line was ready to hit the market. Bennett took the products to the world's largest dog show, Crufts, three years-ago and had an overwhelmingly positive response to the teas and tonics by both canines and their doggy parents.

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This wide-range of products include six different teas and tonics, each made from all-natural, dog-safe herbs. The many of the blends are formulated for specific purposes such as:

  • Feel Good – promotes healthy digestion and immune systems
  • Senior Blend helps those aging dogs with ligaments and bone support
  • Fresh Breath – formulated to take care of that doggy-breath
  • Skin and Coat – has good fatty acids to help promote a shiny coat and healthy skin
  • Anxiety Blend – uses natural lavender and other ingredients to help calm down those anxious pups
  • Digestion Daily – will promote a healthy weight, appetite and digestive tract

Today these innovative products by Woof & Brew are now stocked in over 500 stores across the UK and 14 other countries. Bennett and the other company employees are expecting a huge growth in the business and will put the money from investors into stock and speeding up the process of their growth margin.

Part of this increase in business is coming on the launch of their new product, Bottom Sniffer, a dog-friendly, non-alcoholic beer made from an unfermented beer wort. It is comprised of water, barley malt, Bladderwack seaweed, chicken flavoring, burdock, dandelion, flax and nettle. It is packaged in a classic long neck “beer” bottle and retails for just under three pounds for 330 millileters, or about $4.40 for 11 ounces.

Canine Drink Company Panting for Public Funding
Photo: Woof & Brew

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In addition to this bow-wow brewski, the company is seeing good results with their Ha-Pee Lawns bottled beverage. This “miracle” drink for canines contains alfalfa, Yucca root, tomato flakes, marshmallow, dandelion, nettle and golden rod. It is formulated to help reduce those unsightly brown spots  on your lawn, as a result from Fido's relieving himself.

Bennett is anxious to grow this business worldwide and currently has about one-third of the funds he needs from the Seedr project.

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