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Celebrity Comedian Follows Her Heart To Save Animals

Elayne Boosler is a stand up comedian who travels the country performing and raising money for her non-profit Tails of Joy. Her organization gives grants to small rescue organizations as she travels. She found that she had an opportunity to touch every local community by spreading awareness of the rescue efforts in the town she was in.

After each show Boosler makes a plug and then sells fun animal themed items made by her friends. All proceeds go to the local organizations that she selects. She also personally reviews requests for emergency surgery funds and has a great policy that any donation you make will be refunded if your pet has an emergency.

Elayne has a great career as a standup comedian but she realized she wanted to do something that really made an impact. She works hard to make sure she’s really making a difference. If only every celebrity felt the same way!

Celebrity Comedian Follows Her Heart To Save Animals
Photo: Tails of Joy

She has helped more than just dogs too. She sends Little Guy Grants to animal organizations that really need the help. She also donates her time to do stand up at fundraising events for these animal organizations. One time she even flew in last minute to New York on her own dime without accepting pay to cover for another celebrity who had to cancel last minute.

It really makes you want to do more doesn’t it? This woman is really passionate about helping the dogs who suffer from bad PR, the American bulldogs, pits and rotties. She’s working to help educate people that these dogs are sweet and trainable.

It’s cool to see someone with so much public attention doing so much good. She was on Politically Incorrect, The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, had her own game show and was one of the first women pioneers of comedy. While she likes to make people laugh, she takes her animal work seriously too.

Celebrity Comedian Follows Her Heart To Save Animals
Photo: Facebook / Elayne Boosler

She has helped save dogs from high kill shelters, helped to raise funds to help a deaf dog have heart surgery and paid for lymphoma surgery for another. She also focuses on helping animals find foster homes.

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Boosler's work is a win-win because she’s making money doing what she loves, which is comedy, and making a huge difference for so many animals and pet owners. Some of the organizations she has donated to include Linda Blaire’s Worldheart Foundation, which promotes advocacy and rescue, and Moreno Valley Animal Shelter, which helps neuter and spay feral cats.

When you think of all the animals this woman is helping, it’s inspiring to see what just one person can do. She often responds to pet emergencies that come to her on Twitter and Facebook. She says she supports the smallest organizations making the biggest impact.

The comedian says that she is aware that large organizations often waste a lot of money that could be directly helping animals. Sharing this information on social media will help more people learn about her services so they can connect her with local organizations or help more people get emergency funds.

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