The ChillSpot Offers the Ultimate Dog Cooling Technology


Making sure your dog stays cool is imperative in hot weather. Sometimes it can be difficult, especially for larger breeds and dogs with thick coats. The ChillSpot is an innovative way to keep your Fido comfortable when the weather gets warm.

This patented device replicates a cool tile floor. It is a portable, chilled surface that uses thermodynamics to keep your dog cool. It works without the use of electricity. All you have to do is place the special “chillpods” in your freezer over night and then place them in the ChillSpot in the morning.

This dog bed uses the same technology found in common coolers to keep the ice packs cold for up to 8 hours outside in the sweltering heat. They'll last for up to 15 hours inside! As you can see in this video, the ChillSpot works well for all animals, not just canines.