Review: Chomper Gladiator Tuff Dog Toy

Have you ever bought a dog toy that your pup was able to ruin in a matter of minutes? It's so frustrating! The Chomper Gladiator Tuff Dog Toy is specifically designed for tough chewers, but it won't hold up to aggressive power chewers.

It is irritating to waste money on toys that claim to be well made and turn out to be poor quality. As you can see in my video review, my pack is not easy on toys. They love to tug, fetch and chew.

Just like humans, our dogs crave mental stimulation. Without it, they get bored and begin to find things to entertain themselves. Bored dogs may get into something they shouldn't, make a mess around your house or chew your belongings.

Giving your dog a variety of toys will keep him happy and healthy. He'll be able to play and have fun, which will keep him from looking for something to do on his own.

The Chomper Gladiator Tuff dog toy is a versatile toy that most pups are sure to love. It would make a great addition to your pet's toy collection or a fun gift for the canine on your holiday shopping list.

Chomper Gladiator Tuff Dog Toy Review

Chomper Gladiator Tuff Dog ToyAs I mentioned, this toy is specifically designed for tough chewers, but it will not be suitable for power chewers. I pick the Chomper Gladiator Tuff toy up when my dogs aren't playing with it.

It holds up well to tugging and pulling, but this toy could be easily ruined if you have a dog that likes to shred things.

The Chomper Gladiator toy is made of heavy duty ballistic nylon and rubber. The round, blue rubber rings also have small nubs that massage your dog's gums and help to scrape plaque and tartar buildup from his teeth.

The multiple textures and fun design make this a versatile toy for fetching, tugging and light chewing. It's about 9″ long, so it's suitable for medium and large breeds.

As you will see in my video review, we have a 75-pound Labrador who loves this toy. Our two medium-sized dogs like to play with it too. I would definitely recommend this dog toy for a multi-dog household.

You can buy this toy on Amazon for $16.28. It's not the cheapest toy on the market, but it's a decent price for the quality. It would also make a cheap gift for the dog or dog owner on your shopping list.

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