Review: ZippyTuff Waggle Ball Dog Toy

Finding versatile toys that will keep your pet entertained is important for his mental well being. The ZippyTuff Waggle Ball from Zippypaws is fun to play on, durable for chewers and makes a unique sound.

It's essential to provide your pet with a variety of toys to benefit his mental and physical development.

Some owners think that dog toys are just there to play with when your pup needs some exercise. Actually, if you purchase the right toys for your dog, they can be very mentally stimulating.

ZippyTuff Waggle Ball Dog Toy

Zippytuff waggle ball

Don't let Saddie's silly face in the photo above fool you. She LOVES playing with this ball!

As you can see in my video review, we play a lot of fetch with this ball. Sometimes my Beagle, Molly, will steal it. She likes to roll it around and chase it or chew on it.

We've been using the ZippyTuff Waggle Ball for about a month now, and it's showing no signs of wear and tear. The ball is made of durable thermoplastic rubber (TPR).

This ball doesn't have a squeaker, but it makes a very interesting noise when bounced or rolled around. You can hear the sound in my video above. It's almost like a squealing sound, and it will definitely entice your pup to play.

The Waggle Ball isn’t perfectly round, so it makes an unpredictable pattern when thrown or rolled for your dog to chase. I think that is our dogs' favorite part about the ball.

Priced at just $10.99 on Amazon, this toy is affordable on any budget. It's a great toy to provide for your pet or to buy as an inexpensive gift.

The company makes all kinds of dog toys. If you're looking for plush toys, durable toys or anything in between, check out their website.

They have a wide variety of toys that are all made with your dog's safety and the environment in mind. We have quite a few of their products, and I'm happy to recommend this company to my dog loving family and friends.

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