The Collapsible Kennel Bowl by Dexas

Feeding and watering your dog inside a kennel can be challenging, but the Collapsible Kennel Bowl from Dexas makes it simple. This convenient bowl can also be taken with you wherever you go since it measures less than 1 inch thick when collapsed.

The bowl locks onto the mount for secure, spill-minimizing placement. The the bowl holder pivots and locks in place when the bowl is full and in use, and you can quickly flip it up and out of your pet's way by pushing the unlock button.

The entire unit is dishwasher safe for maximum convenience, but you can also easily slide the bowl out of the holder and leave the holder attached to kennel if needed. The Collapsible Kennel Bowl is made from BPA-free plastic.The frame comes only in brown, but you can choose a green or purple bowl.

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