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Colorado Company Soon To Release CBD-Enriched Pet Treats in the U.S.

Colorado Company Soon To Release CBD-Enriched Pet Treats in the U.S.
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Colorado-based edibles giant Dixie Brands is known for their Dixie Elixirs marijuana products that are sold in Colorado.

They also license the brand for sale in California. Soon the company will launch two new CBD-enriched supplement lines that will be available for purchase across the United States.

One will be a hemp-rooted product for humans, and the other is a product for cats and dogs.

CBD for Dogs

Dixie collaborated with 30-year veterinarian Stephen M. Katz to create Therabis.

The product will be available in three formulas, which will focus individually on itching, joint mobility and flexibility, and separation anxiety.

The CBD and other cannabinoids used in Therabis are imported from other countries, but Dixie chief marketing officer Joe Hodas says none of the products come from China.

Critics of CBD-infused products are suspicious of the levels of THC, marijuana’s psychoactive component, in these types of edible goods.

Hodas says that any product that Dixie Brands sells that has any CBD elements will be well below state limits (.3 percent) for THC content.

He says the THC content is a minimal amount and that it would not have any effect on humans or pets.

He also stated that Therabis products are made in a separate Colorado facility than their Dixie Elixirs.

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Colorado Company Soon To Release CBD-Enriched Pet Treats in the U.S.
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Therabis will come individually packaged in sachets, and both it and the Aceso product for humans will be available in online stores this November.

Veterinarian Stephen Kratz says that he has been testing Therabis on animal patients in his Bronx-based clinic for the last 10 years.

After many reformulations, it is now ready to be sold to pet parents around the country.

In a wonderful remark that all pet parents can relate to, in a statement about the product Katz said:

“While it may sound lofty, we truly believe that the simple but beautiful bond of love between a pet and its owner, actually has the power to make us better as people and to improve the human condition…It is that unique relationship which drives most pet owners to do anything they can to help their pets when they suffer. We developed the Therabis formulations with that very much in mind as we hope to provide pet owners with a healthy, natural way to make every day the best day possible for their pet. It is an honor and privilege to share our 10 years of research with a broader audience; and it is our hope that Therabis can play a role in elevating the health and wellness of pets and their owners.”

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Hodas said that after Therabis makes its debut online it will be available in pet specialty stores, and then the company is hoping to be picked up by larger retail chains like PetSmart and Petco.

With medical marijuana now legal in nearly half of the states in the U.S., they are hoping that pet owners will be more open to trying the remedy with their dogs and cats.

CBD-enriched dog treats have been shown to help dogs with epilepsy, separation anxiety, inflammation and chronic pain, and even dogs suffering from cancer.

It’s given by pet owners as a natural remedy for pain and inflammation. I’m not going to get into the pro/con marijuana debate, but when our dogs have issues we always look to natural remedies first.

We’ve used natural remedies to cure urinary tract issues, eye problems, and digestive issues. If one of our dogs was suffering from the pain of arthritis, I would definitely look into treating her with CBD-infused treats.

I would much rather feed her a couple of treats each day than give her a prescription pill.

First of all, the natural remedy is better for her health and secondly, she would enjoy crunching on a treat a lot more than she would enjoy me forcing her to take a pill.

CBD for Dogs

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