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Controversy Erupts Over Episode With Celebrity Dog Trainer

13,000 animal rights activists are outraged over Cesar Millan’s training tactic on his TV show saying he instigated the dog to attack the pig to make drama. When reality shows first came out, we thought we were seeing real time interactions but then we found out they are all scripted and staged.

People are concerned Cesar Millan, known as The Dog Whisperer, may have staged a fight between a french bulldog named Simon and a pig. Simon was known for killing two pigs, and his owners hired Cesar to change the behavior.

Cesar will not be charged for animal cruelty due to insufficient evidence. People claim they heard a pig squealing off camera and wonder if someone was holding its leg. The dog did not do what Cesar intended and attacked a pig taking part of it’s ear.

Controversy Erupts Over Episode With Celebrity Dog Trainer
Photo: National Geographic

People say Cesar was irresponsible in his training tactics and was trying to get better ratings. Cesar however claims the pig and dog are now friends. Cesar also claims he was trying get the dog to have a positive memory with pigs in a new environment.

Cesar’s training methods have been criticized in the past.

If you want to request that animal attacks be banned from television, you can send an email to National Geographic at courtney.monroe@nat.geo.com. That email will go directly to the CEO. People are requesting that no animal violence be allowed on the TV shows.

For now, Cesar is not going to be charged because of this controversial incident on his show Cesar 911 which is on the Nat Geo Wild TV channel. The controversial episode aired on February 26, 2016. We don’t know if Cesar’s intentions were pure or not, but the good news is, even if it was an unintended accident, people wanted to do what was right and made it a point to make sure there is ethical treatment of animals in television.

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The official decision about Cesar’s case was made by The Department of Animal Care and Control in Los Angeles. Surely there are far worse things going on with dogs off screen. If you suspect animal abuse or neglect please call your local authorities and a welfare worker will investigate further.

Controversy Erupts Over Episode With Celebrity Dog Trainer
Photo: National Geographic

If you’re interested in signing this petition, which called for National Geographic to ban Cesar Millan because of this incident, you can find it on Change.org. The petition includes a video of the dog and pig incident, and please be advised that it may cause emotional disturbance and may not be suitable for children.

Other animal rights activists claim that Cesar shouldn't have put a slip leash on the french bulldog because of it’s sensitive trachea. They say a harness would have been a more humane choice.

We want to make sure that all animals are treated ethically in Hollywood and not used to boost television ratings by creating drama. If you see something that seems unethical please contact the American Humane Society, which has officially labeled this Cesar 911 incident “abuse.”


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