Convenience is a Priority for the Makers of the Fozzy Dog Leash

If you are a dog owner that needs to walk their pet every day, you understand the hassle of trying to hold a leash and also having to bring along items like waste bags, cell phones, car keys, etc… Fozzy Dog Inc. has created a leash that allows dog walkers to keep everything they need with them, while still only using one hand. This way you have the other hand free to help control your dog, answer a phone call, or clean up after your pet.

The product was definitely designed with function and convenience in mind. I love products that make pet parents' lives a little easier. Taking care of a dog is a big responsibility and we've also got jobs, families, and a laundry list of other responsibilities as well. I like to share products that will help take a little of that stress off pet owners so they can enjoy more quality time with their furry companions.

The Fozzy Dog Leash has an integrated waste bag dispenser and a small pocket that you can keep money, keys, a cell phone, and anything else in that you may need. It is also equipped with a crack resistant handle that is durable and comfortable so you won't suffer from hand fatigue halfway through your walk. It is available in red, black, green, or purple.

The leash is made of heavy duty, double braided rope, and the rip-stop nylon pocket has 3M reflective material down each side for optimum nighttime visibility. The nickel plated swivel snap-shackle allows you to attach the leash to your dog's collar quickly with just one hand. This leash is 5 feet long.

You can buy this standard Fozzy Dog Leash, or select one of their other models. The company offers The Mini which is only 1/4-inch thick as opposed to The Original which is 1/2-inch, and both The Mini and The Original are available as a dual leash as well. This patent pending dog leash is great for small, medium, large, and even extra large breeds.

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