Conveniently Bake Pet Treats with This Pet Treat Maker

With more recalls on dog food and treats hitting newsstands every day, it's no wonder more pet owners are opting to make their furry friend homemade treats. It's not as difficult as it sounds either. There are free recipes all over the internet and with products like this Pet Treat Maker from Holstein it's simple and fun.

You can bake 10 fresh treats in just seven minutes with this appliance. As you can see in this video, when you purchase the treat maker you also get a glass canister to store your treats, a silicone spatula, and a full color recipe booklet that includes over 8 different recipe ideas.

The treat maker has a non-stick coating and indicator lights that tell you when it is heating and when your treats are done cooking. There is also a safety lock so the lid cannot be lifted while it's still heating. It's simple to clean as well, with just a damp cloth.

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