Conveniently Keep Your Dog Out of Unwanted Areas With the Magic Gate

Pet gates are an excellent way to keep your dog confined in a certain area or to keep him out of areas in your home that you don’t want him to go into. Before you run out and buy one, pet gates can be bulky and they do have a few drawbacks. Pet gates can ruin your walls, become an eye-sore in your home and be tough to climb over.

Enter the Magic Gate. This easy to use gate is made of ultra-strong mesh that can withstand up to 100 pounds of force. Some pet gates are attached with hardware and they will leave permanent scars on your walls if you want to take them down. Others use force to stay in place, but they can still scratch and dent your walls. The Magic Gate comes with four hooks that stick to your wall. Supposedly they can peel off your wall without pulling the paint with it.

To install the pet gate all you need to do is stick the four secure hooks to your wall, unroll the mesh gate to the desired length leaving the unneeded section rolled up and then hang the corners of the magic gate on the hooks. When you need to get around the gate all you have to do is unhook one of the top corners and step through. It’s much easier than fumbling around with a standard bulky pet gate.

The mesh itself is virtually invisible, so the only thing that can be seen is the border. You can select a black or beige border to match your home’s décor. This indoor pet gate can extend up to six feet, but because of its unique design it can conveniently fit any space from 1 inch to 6 feet. This would be an ideal gate to place across your front door so your pet can’t go running out whenever you open it.

This gate would also be perfect for use at the top or bottom of a staircase, because it is so easy for humans to get around. Instead of trying to jump over or climb over the gate and risk getting hurt on the stairs, you can unhook it and walk through in seconds. You could also purchase an additional set of hooks and take the Magic Gate with you when traveling, going to camp or visiting family. This product could also work as a baby gate.

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