Dachshund Cuts Out Burgers and Pizza to Drop 44 Ibs.

Dennis the Dachshund was surviving on a diet of cheeseburgers and pizza about 2 years ago, and he tipped the scales at a whopping 56 pounds!

His belly dragged on the floor and his little legs could barely heft the weight. At his heaviest, Dennis weighed as much as 5 average Dachshunds put together.

Then Brooke Burton, a nursing student, met Dennis. He belonged to a relative of hers, and she was so appalled by the dog’s unhealthy lifestyle that she convinced the owner to let her adopt him. Brooke put Dennis on a strict diet of only dry dog food and added a tough exercise regimen to his schedule as well.

Now Dennis weighs in at an ideal weight of just 12 pounds. That’s a total weight loss of 44 pounds! Dennis lives with three other rescue dogs now and enjoys running and playing with them.

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