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Dad and Dog Dive Off Of Cliffs Together

Dad and Dog Dive Off Of Cliffs Together
Photo: Facebook/Tittithedog

There is a regularly occurring spectacle happening at a famous pool in Malta – a cliff jumping dog and dad duo. Titti is a tiny but brave Jack Russel Terrier who spends most of her days leaping off of cliffs and into St. Peter’s Pool with her dad, Carmelo Abela.

The pair was once mostly inseparable, and now even more so than ever. Titti was once too afraid to jump; but after watching her dad do it time after time, she decided to take the plunge with him. Now, she follows him in every time, showing that she is among one of the most devoted dogs on Earth to her human.

Carmelo and Titti find the highest heights they can, and when they’re ready to leap, Titti watches for her dad’s hand signal, and then they jump in together. They provide onlookers with entertainment and awe while having a blast.

The dynamic duo heads to the pool 6 days out of 7 to seek their thrills by jumping off of the highest cliffs they can find, side by side in an adorable demonstration of love and adventure.

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Dad and Dog Dive Off Of Cliffs Together
Photo: Facebook/Tittithedog

When one first reads the title of this article, it’s easy to think that perhaps some sort of exploitation of the dog is occurring; after all, what kind of dog jumps off a cliff for fun? That’s something only humans tend to do – and exceptionally adventurous humans, at that.

When watching the countless videos of Titti and Carmelo on their Facebook page, it becomes instantly apparent that Titti is voluntarily jumping, and she is having a blast. Even a quick glance at the page reveals that Titti’s love is more than reciprocated by Carmelo. He is just as devoted to his dog as she is to him.

He posts frequent pictures of her lounging around and playing on the beach. It is obvious that Titti is one of the happiest and most loved dogs on Earth.

The quote attributed to Titti on the Facebook cover page is, “If you never try, you’ll never know.”

This brave dog and the love she has for her dad should be an inspiration to all people. At first she was too afraid to do what Carmelo was doing. But eventually, Titti chose love over fear and followed her dad’s lead. In the process she discovered that she actually loved jumping.

All people should take a page out of this duo’s book. People should include their dogs in their adventures and allow their canine companions to walk side-by-side with them at all times. Sometimes it is difficult to realize, but doing this will make your adventures that much more memorable.

Our dogs want to be with us all hours of the day. This is what fulfills them and makes them happy. Titti gets to have the time of her life with her dad 6 days out of 7; what more could a dog ask for?

Dad and Dog Dive Off Of Cliffs Together
Photo: Facebook/Tittithedog

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We should also look to dogs to understand how we can be better people. This tiny little Jack Russel Terrier took a terrifying plunge off of a huge cliff because she loved her human so much that she decided she’d rather do something scary, if it meant spending more time with Carmelo. After all, nothing says “I love you” more than following someone off a cliff!

If humans exhibited this level of selfless devotion toward everyone they loved, this world would be a much more fun, more adventurous, more loving place. The lesson Titti teaches us is this: love fully, even if it means getting outside of your comfort zone. Because who knows? Maybe that thing you’re afraid to do will be the best thing that ever happened to you.

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