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Danish Pet Food Brand Hoping to Expand Internationally

Danish Pet Food Brand Hoping to Expand Internationally
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Bent Ransborg, founder and CEO of Kingsmoor, put the call out last month for distributors to help him expand his brand beyond Denmark into international markets. Kingsmoor is the leading premium pet food brand in Denmark, and now Ransborg wants to take his product to pet parents around the world. After 10 years in business he feels that it is the right time to expand the brand.

The company has formulated a premium line of pet products that are specifically designed with natural and seasonal ingredients. Their premium pet food line is called Pure because it is 100 percent gluten-free, grain-free and free of artificial colors and preservatives. Kingsmoor uses high-quality ingredients and all-natural preservatives to make their pet foods nutritionally sound.

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All Kingsmoor recipes are also formulated with fresh, healthy herbs, most of which are native to Denmark. These herbs give the meat a delicate flavor and a wonderful aroma that entices pets. The company was founded in 2005 by Ransborg in the small Danish town of Bjerringbro. When Ransborg’s dog developed hip problems, the canine began searching for and eating plants and bark on a regular basis.

Ransborg realized that his dog was craving the nutrients found in these natural sources. It inspired him to create a nutritious dog food that was based on the finest ingredients that nature has to offer. Kingsmoor follows the same rigorous standards of food safety that goes for all consumer foods in Denmark. Their production facility has earned numerous third party food quality and safety certifications.

Ransborg is proud of the company’s Danish roots and the fact that they continue to produce their pet foods in Denmark. That is why the company promises consumers that they will only use ingredients from local and regional suppliers. It is important for him to source the ingredients locally to give back to the Danish economy and to make sure that the ingredients are safe and healthy for the pets that will be consuming Kingsmoor food.

Danish Pet Food Brand Hoping to Expand Internationally
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Now, Kingsmoor calls Langaa, Denmark its corporate home and all of their pet food and treats are produced in Oelgood, Denmark. Ransborg says that as part of the company’s expansion strategy they are looking for partnerships and distributors in new markets. Right now the company’s products are found in pet specialty stores around Denmark and they are exported to Norway and Sweden as well.

Ransborg says that he believes this is the perfect time for Kingsmoor to make its debut into the worldwide pet market. He says the industry is littered with many different kinds of premium pet products, so it’s an ideal time for the company to make their high-end pet food available to a larger audience of pet owners.

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As mentioned, their premium line of pet food is branded as Kingsmoor Pure, and they also make a regular dog food under the Original label. Their dog treats are marketed as MoorGoodies. Ransborg says that the company is gearing up for the transition into the international market.

He says they have optimized their organization and hired a highly experienced sales professional with expertise in the international pet food industry. He is hoping that these changes will set the stage for Kingsmoor’s growth and international expansion.

Now, more than ever, pet parents are focused on feeding their companion animals a high quality diet that is rich with nutritional benefits, top-quality ingredients and is safe for their dog. With pet food recalls popping up in the news on a regular basis and many canine illnesses being linked to a poor diet, pet parents are willing to spend more on premium food to increase their pets quality of life. Maybe Kingsmoor will be the next big name in premium pet food…only time will tell.

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