Dead Sea Healing Benefits Now Available for Dogs
Photo: Soos Pets

Skin care products enriched with Dead Sea minerals have been popular in the human health and beauty market for quite some time. Now, a new company out of Toronto is bringing the benefits of Dead Sea minerals to the pet grooming industry. Recently, Soos Pets announced the hard launch of their brand, and they report that they are offering the first and only line of Dead Sea-mineral-enriched products for pets in North America.

Young entrepreneurs Yemina Kaiman and Joe Benayon have partnered with seasoned veteran Shay Shvartshtein to create the company. Their new product line was created to maintain the appearance and health of both dogs and cats. The grooming products contain essential oils, health-boosting minerals, vitamins and plant extracts.

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Dead Sea Healing Benefits Now Available for Dogs
Photo: Soos Pets

Inspiration for the company came from a rescue dog named Shane. He was an older sheltie with dry skin, irritated paws and an overall poor appearance. Shane was in rough shape, so co-founder Benayon began looking for products that would  help him look and feel better.

After a bit of research, Benayon discovered the benefits that Dead Sea minerals could have. Although there were many products available for humans, there was nothing on the market for pets. That’s when the entrepreneurs got the idea to create their own product line.

Soos Dead Sea Spa Products For Pets are made with 97% natural ingredients including more than 71 different plant extracts. The ingredients are sourced from the dead Sea, hence the name, and the line is made with 12 essential vitamins that can’t be found anywhere else on Earth. The line includes natural shampoos and conditioners, as well as treatments for fleas, ticks, wounds and chronic pain.

All of the products in the new line are SLS and paraben free. All Soos Pets products are hypoallergenic and tearless, and they can also safe for use on young puppies and kittens. The company claims that their products can help treats many conditions including:

  • Rashes
  • Eczema
  • Dry skin
  • Dry and cracked paws
  • Hotspots
  • Minor infections
  • Chronic skin conditions

Kaiman says that they are hoping Soos Pets will be more than just a brand of grooming products. A portion of the proceeds from the new line will be donated to charities that help animals in need. Kaiman says the founders want to use the company as a platform to educate people and increase awareness of the issues facing animals in the world today from abuse and euthanization to starvation and abandonment.

I’ve heard a lot about Dead Sea products for humans, but what makes these ingredients so special? Why are they any different than ingredients that come from other parts of the world? After a bit of research I learned that the Dead Sea has a unique chemical composition. It is rich in Zinc, Magnesium, Calcium, Sodium, Potassium, Bromine and other minerals. 26 essential minerals are found in the Dead Sea, and 12 of them do not exist anywhere else.

Dead Sea Healing Benefits Now Available for Dogs
Photo: Soos Pets

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That’s pretty amazing, especially considering that a lot of these minerals have been found to have unique qualities. Many of them have been found to benefit hair and skin, but they also have relaxation qualities and the ability to draw out toxins and heal rheumatic diseases like arthritis.

Dead Sea products have been proven to be effective on many skin conditions for humans, and many people swear by Dead Sea products to strengthen their hair and give it a healthy shine. If it works for us, there is a good chance it will work for our canine companions. Soos Pets is expecting to do very well, as they offer a unique product. It will certainly be interesting to see how dog owners respond to this new product line.