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DIY Dog Car Seat: How To Make One

Most pet owners like to bring their dogs for rides in the car. Whether your dog travels with you everywhere or only rides along occasionally, he should be restrained any time the vehicle is moving. This DIY Dog Car Seat is an easy way to give your small pup a boost while keeping him safely secure in the car.

According to a survey by the American Automobile Association, over 80% of dog owners drive with their pets in the car. Sadly, only 16% of people who transport their dogs use proper safety restraints.

Like human children, your dogs should sit in the back seat. The pet is less of a distraction to you this way, and you won't need to worry about him being injured if the airbag happens to deploy. Sitting in the back seat is statistically safer for dogs than sitting in the front.

You can save yourself some money by recycling some common items around your home to make a DIY dog car seat. It's fast and simple, plus you can buckle it into your vehicle to ensure your dog's safety. You can even use a harness and leash to attach your dog to the car seat to keep him restrained.

DIY Dog Car Seat: How To Make One

DIY Dog Car SeatSupplies You'll Need

  • laundry basket appropriately sized for your pet
  • pillow that fits in the laundry basket
  • blanket

How To Make A DIY Dog Car Seat

I make this car seat without sewing. I simply place the laundry basket on the back seat of my car, place the pillow inside and drape the blanket over the top. If you want to make it a little more fancy, you can stitch the blanket to fit tightly in the corners of the laundry basket and around the edges of the pillow.

To secure the car seat, all you have to do is weave the seatbelt strap through the holes in the laundry basket. Buckle the seatbelt and pull the strap tight. If you want your dog to be restrained, make sure he's wearing a harness and loop his leash through the holes in the laundry basket to prevent him from roaming around the car.

DO NOT try to restrain your dog using a collar. In the event of an accident, all of the force will be around Fido's neck. This could lead to serious injury or even death.

Whether you decide to make your own car seat o purchase one, the most important thing is that you secure your pet while traveling. While 99% of the time nothing will happen, that 1% when you do get into an accident may change your life or your dog's life. Securing a dog takes only a minute, and it could end up saving his life.

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DIY Dog Car Seat

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