The Zip Line Car Harness Keeps Your Dog in the Back Seat


Keeping your dog confined to his own area in the car is important. He can distract you or become a dangerous projectile in the event of a crash. This Auto Zip Line Harness from Kurgo will keep him in the back seat, but still allow him the freedom to move around and get comfortable.

It was inspired by a dog run, and this product can be strung between any two fixed points in a vehicle, on a boat, or anywhere that you need to control your dog's location. The Auto Zip Line Harness comes with a detachable leash that easily connects and disconnects from the zip line.

The name suggests that the harness comes with the device, but it actually does not. It only includes the zip line and the leash/tether. The included leash does make a great instant lead to keep rambunctious dogs from bolting from the car as soon as they are unhooked.