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DIY Grooming Kit for Cats: How To Make One

Many pet parents are starting to realize that grooming their cats and dogs at home is not only significantly cheaper but also presents a good opportunity to bond with your fur baby.

If you're going to groom your cat at home, you'll need a DIY grooming kit for cats to keep all of the necessary tools on hand and organized.

There's a lot of freely available information online on how to groom cats at home, which equipment to use, and how to do it all safely.

Once you've done the research, you can start caring for your cat's coat, nails, teeth and ears at home without having to pay a professional groomer.

Everyone's DIY grooming kit for cats will be a little bit different.

The great thing about this homemade option is that you can customize the tools you include to meet your cats' unique needs.

You should include all of the products in this guide, but also feel free to include any other cat grooming supplies that are unique to your pet's skin and coat needs.

DIY Grooming Kit for Cats: How To Make One

brushing catThe supplies you'll need to include in your DIY cat grooming kit will depend on your pet's coat type, breed and skin condition.

The basic tools that every pet owner will need to include in their kit are:

  • brush(es)/comb(s)
  • grooming wipes
  • shampoo/conditioner formulated specifically for cats
  • waterless shampoo formulated specifically for cats
  • towel
  • toothpaste formulated specifically for cats
  • toothbrush formulated specifically for cats
  • ear cleaner
  • nail clippers or dremel tool

There are other cat grooming supplies that you may want to include in your kit, if you need them.

Hair clippers, scissors and a grooming mitt may all be necessary additions.

You may also want to look into getting a grooming table and/or elevated bathtub if you would have frequent use for them.

There really is no hard and fast rule about what you should put in your homemade cat grooming kit.

Any supplies that you use to groom your cat can and should be included.

I keep my grooming kit in a small reusable shopping bag. Everything fits well, and it's easy to carry around the house or take along while traveling.

If grooming your cat requires larger equipment, like a grooming table, you may want to find an area in your home to set up specifically as a grooming area.

You can keep all of your supplies organized in one area of your home, so you'll know right where they are when you need them.

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