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Interview: Does Your Dog Need a Smart Collar?

Does Your Dog Need a Smart Collar

Technology in the pet industry is advancing everyday. There are smartphone apps that help us care for our pets, new breakthroughs in veterinary medicine happening all the time, and even smart collars that allow us to keep tabs on our pet while we're not around.

Does your dog need a smart collarHe may not NEED one, but there are definitely numerous benefits to outfitting him with one. A smart collar will allow you to keep your beloved dog safe and give him the best care possible.

Like any other piece of technology, smart collars for dogs are advancing at a rapid rate. Last year's models are vastly out of date, and the old one-function smart collars are a thing of the past. You used to have to choose between a GPS tracking device and an activity monitor, but not anymore!

This week I was able to chat with Leon Yohai, CEO of KYON, about an exciting new project that the company is working on. The Kyon Pet Tracker is set to be the “smartest” smart collar on the market. The collar is loaded with internal sensors that monitor and protect your canine companion throughout the day.

Many similar monitoring systems consist of a small device that clips onto your dog's collar. These devices are noticeable to your dog and can fall off the collar if you have an active pooch. The KYON Pet Tracker is designed to look and feel more like a traditional dog collar than a high-tech gadget.

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Interview: Does Your Dog Need a Smart Collar?

Does Your Dog Need a Smart Collar
Photo: KYON

Yohai, also a co-founder of KYON, has a very busy schedule, as well as a very special bond with Charlie, his 9 year – old Maltese. The entrepreneur wanted to find a device that would track his dog wherever he was. He also wanted something that could provide important information on Charlie's well-being during the day while he was away from home.

Nothing in the current market satisfied Yohai’s quest for Charlie’s comfort and security. That's when an idea emerged to create something innovative that would embed technology inside of a collar without add-ons or the risk of losing a tracking device. The venture started in the spring of 2013, where the initial idea was captured and the product design commenced.

If you've ever dealt with the nightmare of having a pet who ran away or became lost, you already understand the importance of a GPS tracking collar. When the idea first came out many dog owners thought of it as an unnecessary luxury and scoffed at the idea, but now that the statistics are in we're seeing just how great the benefit of a canine tracking device can be.

Yohai explained to me that the advanced GPS of the KYON system can locate the pet if he becomes lost, and it also provides helpful information in the mean time. The collar can relay health and location information to the owners smartphone and even indicate the floor of the building that the dog is in. This would be especially helpful if the pup was abducted or if someone happened to find the lost dog and bring him home.

In addition, this device displays helpful contact information right on the collar via LED lighting. If someone finds the dog it will be immediately be obvious that he is lost and the owners information will be displayed. Like other similar devices, the owner can create a certain range and when the dog steps outside that range KYON 3D GPS tracking is enabled.

The owners are immediately notified by a push notification on their cell phone, and a message instantly appears as well on the LED display or the collar screen. The message will read something like “I’m lost, please call 555-1234…”. This feature is vital, as time is EVERYTHING when your dog is lost.

Studies have shown that the longer a dog is missing, the less likely it is that he will return home to his family.

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Does Your Dog Need a Smart Collar
Photo: KYON

If you've been searching for a smart collar for your dog, you want to get one that will do more than just monitor his location and activity. The KYON Pet Tracker is engineered to keep your dog safe in a number of ways.

According to Yohai, hundreds of thousands of dogs suffer from heat stroke every year. Heat stroke is an easily preventable condition, which makes this number even more astounding. This smart collar from KYON has been designed to help dog owners fight this problem.

The collar also features a heat sensor. If your pet is becoming too hot and at risk of heat stroke, the message “I'm hot” will appear on the LED display, and a message will also be sent to your phone. You will be notified if your dog is too cold as well, and a similar sensor can tell if your dog has fallen into water.

This is a great feature to have if you have a pool or a pond on your property.

Equipped with a 9-axis accelerometer, this smart collar is able to monitor your dog's activity level over time as well. Activity monitors allow you to record data on your dog's behavior so you'll know when he's feeling his best and when things may be a little off.

The KYON collar will also warn you if your pet needs some extra attention. If Fido has not been very active that day, you'll receive a message notifying you that your dog would like to go for a walk or play a game of fetch.

Key Takeaway

The bottom line when it comes to smart collars is that you need to do a little research and get the best bang for your buck. Maybe you're not as concerned about a GPS tracker but your dog has health problems and an activity tracker is the most important thing. Whatever your dog's needs are, you should find a smart collar that will benefit him and give you peace of mind at the same time.

Find a collar that is waterproof, like the KYON Pet Tracker. You don't want to spend money on a device that will get ruined if your dog wears it outside in the rain or snow. You also need to look at the battery life for the collar. Do you want to have to charge your pet's smart collar every night?

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Does Your Dog Need a Smart Collar
Photo: KYON

Probably not. Look for a device like the KYON system with a battery that can last for long periods of time. The battery in the KYON collar lasts up to 30 days, depending on usage, and is easily recharged on the sleek Basestation within a few hours. The Basestation also has WiFi and Bluetooth capabilities to communicate frequently with the the mobile app, the KYON server and the collar.

Although collars like this one are not cheap to purchase, you'll get your money's worth. Cheaper products are not as well designed, don't offer as many features and are made with poorer quality materials. The KYON collar is built to last with high quality thermoplastic elastomer and strong hardware.

Does your dog need a smart collar?

No, of course not, but a collar like this will give you peace of mind to know that your dog is safe, even if he escapes your yard. You'll feel much better knowing that you'll be notified the minute that your pet steps off your property, and you'll be able to easily track him down with real-time GPS notifications of his location.

Made to last, this collar will be able to be used for generations of dogs. A smart investment now will make things much easier for you as a dog owner for many years to come.

I need to take this time to thank Leon Yohai for speaking with me and for helping me spread awareness of the benefits of smart collars. Make sure to check out KYON's website for more information about this smart collar and all the features that can help keep your pet safe and protected.

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