dog almost dies after eating a hot cross bun
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A dog in the UK had a near-death experience from eating a hot cross bun during the Easter bank holiday.

The classic Easter goodie is toxic to dogs due to its raisin contents — currants and sultanas.

As owner Paul Beckwith recalls, When I phoned the vet, we were told we didn’t have long and to get her in straight away.”

What exactly happened and who is this cute culprit?

dog almost dies of hot cross bun poisoning
Jam Press | Vets Now

Hattie, a Bernese Mountain dog, sneaked and snatched a hot cross bun while its owner looked for some butter.

I hadn’t realised how high she could reach,” said Paul. 

With Hattie’s swift maneuver, it manages to down the sweet treat in two bites just as soon as its owner turned his back.

Paul tried to take the food out of Hattie's mouth, but it was too late.

He immediately recalled his niece’s dog that went critical a few years ago because of eating raisins.

“…I was thinking the worst and I knew I had to act fast,” Paul shared.

So, the vet gave the 5-month-old pup a first-aid treatment to make it throw up — decreasing the fatal toxicity of raisins.

Dave Leicester of Vets Now alarms dog owners that there was a whopping 262% increase in hot cross bun poisoning from last year.

“…the dried versions of the fruits are more frequently associated with severe symptoms.”

Tartaric acid is often suspected as the leading cause of toxicity in raisins and grapes.

However, further research is needed as tartaric acid content in these foods is unsteady.

Fortunately, Hattie got better and was able to spend the night at home with Paul.

“…I’d definitely advise other owners to be really careful,” Paul exerted.


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