Best Dog Boarding in Austin

The process of boarding your dog can be nerve wracking. It can be difficult finding a good boarding service you know will keep your dog safe, comfortable, and happy. If you can’t trust your boarding service, you will spend every second away from your pet worrying. Fortunately, Austin has a good variety of pet boarding options. The options mentioned all feature different amenities, suitable for every different dog breed and personality.

Bed and Biscuit Dog Boarding Austin TX

Bed and Biscuit

Address: 6004 City Park Rd, Austin, TX 78730

The staff at Bed and Biscuit is trained to read your dog’s body language. Their goal is to make your pet as comfortable as possible during their stay. They understand how stressful it is to leave a pet away from you, and they want to ensure you that your pet is in the best care possible. Every dog is different and will be comfortable in different conditions, and Bed and Biscuit gets this.

Aside from the staff observing your dog’s behaviors and body language, the staff also looks to you to understand your pet’s needs. You will be asked many detailed questions before boarding your pet here. They want to know everything about your pet’s personality. Not only does this help them individualize your pet’s care, it helps them keep your pet from entering a dangerous or uncomfortable situation.

The Bed and Biscuit boarding facility offers many different amenities to pets. They will feed your pet, administer any medications, give them outside time, keep your pet’s area cleaned, and more. Since most dogs are able to socialize in small playgroups, dogs will be allowed to interact with other dogs during outside time, unless you request otherwise. You can also sign your dog up for one-on-one playtime or cuddle time with any of the staff members. Other things included in Bed and Biscuit’s Dog Boarding are;

  • Extended hours for exercise and potty breaks. These hours begin at 5:30 AM, and continue on until 9:30 PM.
  • Extra comfort care. This includes the use of Kongs, Thundershirts, soundproofing, and more. When you check your dog in, the staff will go over what comfort items your dog will specifically need.
  • Each visitor will receive a full body health inspection multiple times per day.
  • Extra bedding and privacy panels are available for each visitor.
  • A “quiet room” for dogs with special needs and sensitivities.

Camp Bow Wow Dog Boarding Austin TX

Camp Bow Wow

Address: 600 Lemens Ave, Hutto, TX 78634

At Camp BowWow, you can always be sure that your pet is safe. All camp counselors are extensively trained in dog behavior, pet first aid, and CPR. Every camper is required to be spayed or neutered, be current on vaccinations, and pass a socialization interview. The facilities are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You are able to watch live webcams at any time, to check on how your dog is doing. Camp BowWow understands how scary it can be to board your pet, and they take these measures to give you peace of mind. You won’t have to worry so much about emergencies happening when you board at Camp BowWow.

The pricing at Camp BowWow is all inclusive. You won’t have to pay extra fees and fines just to ensure your dog is receiving the care he needs. For all overnight stays, day camp is included. Your dog will be allowed to play all day, with both indoor and outdoor yards. Each dog receives an individual, cozy cabin with a nightly Campfire Treat. You will never be charged for administering of medications or other special care requests. Every guest is guaranteed to receive a lot of attention from the camp counselors.

Camp BowWow specializes in providing all day play for your dog. The only time overnight guests are left in their cabin is at night, for an hour and a half in the morning, an hour and half at night, and for a short nap period midday. If your dog is playing and appears to be tired, they will be brought to their private cabin for rest. There is a thorough interview process for each dog, ensuring that dogs can be brought together in a safe environment. The dogs will never be around each other without supervision, so if anything should arise between dogs, a counselor will be there to solve the problem immediately. Play areas are separated based on a dog’s size, temperament, and activity level. This ensures pet safety.

Austin Pet Ranch Dog Boarding Austin TX

Austin Pet Ranch

Address: 14425 Farm to Market Rd 1826, Austin, TX 78737

Austin Pet Ranch is a pet care facility for dogs. It is located just minutes away from Downtown Austin, which is a very convenient location. When your pet is staying here, you can be sure that they will receive plenty of hands-on care and healthy interactions.

Austin Pet Ranch facility is newer, and provides the best of class treatment for your dog. The prices are all inclusive, there are no hidden fees or fines! Each stay includes five to six 30 minute playtime sessions of 30 minutes each. The goal of Austin Pet Ranch is to provide an experience as close to home as possible. Each room includes a tempurpedic bed for extra comfort.

Some rooms even feature a live webcam, so you can check in on your dog at virtually anytime. Depending on your dog’s needs, you can customize their stay with couch potato time, creekside strolls, and outside yard play, with or without play. One thing that sets Austin Pet Ranch apart from other boarding services is that you are able to allow your dog to play outside without other dogs, if you know your dog has problems being around other dogs. Many boarding facilities only let dogs outside with other dogs, which can cause problems.

The pricing at Austin Pet Ranch is fair. It is as follows;

  • For a 8’x10’ room, it is $33 per night for the first dog. It is $27 per night for the second dog, and $22 for each additional dog.
  • For a 5’x6’ room, it is $27 a night for the first dog, and $22 per night for any additional dogs.
  • You can board your cats at Austin Pet Ranch as well, at $11 per night.

Bark and Zoom Pet Hotel Dog Boarding Austin TX

Bark and Zoom Pet Hotel

Address: 2601 Cardinal Loop, Del Valle, TX 78617

The Bark and Zoom Pet Hotel is unique. This boarding option is optimal for travelers. When you are going to the airport, you can board your car here as well. This is very convenient, and there are discounts when you use their parking service and their dog boarding service. However, Bark and Zoom’s services are available for everyone, even if you aren’t flying out of the airport.

Your dog will always be safe here. The employees of Bark and Zoom are highly educated in dog care, behaviors, and CPR. The pet care is available all day, everyday, so you never have to worry about something happening to your dog due to them being alone. ZippiVet veterinary services are available on-site, which gives you some peace of mind in case an emergency were to occur.

Bark and Zoom is a luxury boarding service. Your dog will always have air conditioning, ensuring they can stay cool. There are both outdoor and indoor play yards, perfect for keeping your dog active regardless of the weather. Bark and Zoom even features a dogs only swimming pool, which is incredibly helpful during Austin’s hot summer months. There are grooming services available here for keeping your dog looking fresh and clean. Even cats can be boarded at Bark and Zoom!

Pricing varies, depending on your pet’s individual needs. For a regular overnight stay, it is $48 per night for a dog and $20 per night for a cat. The executive suite is $60 per night, and offers a 20 percent discount for each additional dog staying in the same suite. The luxury suite, which features a webcam so you can always check up on your dog, is $70 per night. The 20 percent discount for each additional dog applies here too. The Elite Suite is $85 per night, and includes a webcam and streaming television service. Additional services, such as pooltime and walking, cost extra.

North Austin Animal Hospital Dog Boarding Austin TX

North Austin Animal Hospital

Address: 5608 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78756

The North Austin Animal Hospital offers boarding not only for dogs, but also for cats, birds, pocket pets, and exotics. When you leave your pet here, you can sure they will be extremely comfortable the entire time.

North Austin Animal Hospital understands how nerve wracking it can be to leave a beloved pet with strangers. They understand how scary it can be for your pet as well, which is why they focus on making your pet as comfortable as possible. The staff is incredibly attentive, so if anything happens with your pet they will notice immediately.

The cages and runs are immaculately clean, to prevent the spread of disease and illness. You can tour the facility before leaving your dog here. Daily leash walks are included for each boarding stay. There is a puppy play area for them to exert all that extra energy. North Austin Animal Hospital offers individualized care for each animal.

To ensure the safety of all staff and guests, there are requirements to board here. All dogs must have their distemper, rabies, bordetella, and canine influenza vaccinations. Cats must have their distemper vaccine and rabies vaccine. Technically, you could have your pets vaccinated here, but it is not recommended. Having your pet vaccinated three weeks prior to boarding is the best way to ensure the vaccine is working and is effective. All pets must be free of any internal or external parasites. Also, they must be on flea and tick preventative.

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How to Decide on the Best Dog Boarding in Austin?

Each pet boarding service is different, which can leave pet owners feeling confused. Finding the perfect pet boarding service for you and your pet depends on your pet’s individual needs. The main things to consider when boarding your pet are as followed;

Dog's age

How old is your dog? Older dogs tend to be less social, so choosing a boarding service that requires dogs to interact with each other may not be the best choice. Also, older dogs have more health risks, so you might want to find a boarding service that has on-site veterinary care. On the other hand, younger dogs, especially puppies, would greatly benefit from a boarding service where they get to socialize all day.

Your budget

Some pet boarding services offer all of their features in one, set price. However, some boarding services only include the actual stay in the price, and charge extra for additional features. If you need all of the features available for your  dog, you may want to go with an all inclusive pet boarding service. If you know your dog doesn’t need any extra services, you might go for one that charges extra for those services and opt out of them.

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