As much as we’d like to take our furbabies along every time we go on a trip, that’s simply not a feasible option. If you have family or friends who don’t mind adding your dog to their pack while you’re away, you’re lucky. If not, you’ve got to look at dog boarding options. Today, we're going to answer your question, “how much does dog boarding cost?” for you.

What Determines the Cost?

It comes down to location, location, location. If you live in a big city, dog boarding is obviously going to be more expensive than say if you live in the suburbs. At the same time, a rural area may also mean higher prices as there may not be as many options to choose from.

It also depends on the time of year. If you’re going away for the Holidays when demand is greater, businesses may charge you more.

Some facilities also price their services according to the breed you own. Larger breeds may be more expensive to board since they need more food, space, and care.

The biggest deciding factor, however, is the boarding itself. There are quite a few options to choose from with different levels of services. At the end of the day, it comes down to your pooch’s requirements and your wallet.

dog in his own boarding room

Types of Boarding


Let’s start with the simplest and most popular one these days. As the name suggests, this option offers a home away from home for your dogs. Usually, these pet sitters only take on one or two dogs at the same time. That means, your furbaby will have one-on-one attention and get plenty of cuddles so he won’t miss you all that much. It’s a great option for dogs who aren’t very social with other dogs and it reduces their chances of catching illnesses or ticks from other canines at the kennel. The personalized service also means you will have your peace of mind while you’re away.

Try to choose a home-boarding option where your dog is treated like family, will get good meals, and plenty of exercise. Also, pick someone who will send you regular photo and video updates. As far as the cost of these services is concerned, they are pretty affordable. Services like allow sitters to set their own rates so you can definitely find someone who fits your budget. Do look through a few options, read all the reviews, and ask them any questions you may have well in advance. Prices for good-rated home-boarding services start at about $35-$40 USD per night.

dog kennel boarding


Kennels have been around for ages and are the most common, no-frills type of dog boarding. Depending on the type of kennel, they may have shared or individual spaces with a mat or bed, two meals a day, daily walks, and maybe playtime with other dogs. Some kennels offer extra services like additional walks or more playtime but these will cost you. A lot of newer places have CCTV cameras that allow you to keep an eye on your pooch while you’re away. Again, prices vary from place to place but average around $20-$50 a night.

Vet Boarding

Lots of vets offer boarding services and it’s a good option for older dogs or those who need medical care and attention. It also helps if your pooch loves the vet and is familiar with the staff and facilities. Keep in mind, though, these facilities are usually pretty basic and your dog may not get as much attention or playtime as the staff has other priorities. Prices will vary depending on your location but are usually around $20-$50 per night.

dogs at a pet hotel

Pet Hotels

Let your pooch have a staycation while you’re away at a fancy pet hotel. With individual rooms, extravagant beds, fans, and televisions, these high-end retreats aren’t your usual run-of-the-mill kennels. Most of them also have swimming pools, recreational areas, and obstacle courses to keep their fitness in check and offer webcam services so you can watch your dog have a better holiday than you!

Naturally, this isn’t the most affordable boarding option. Prices start at about $50 per night and can go well into the hundreds.

Posh Pet Hotel in Palm Beach, Florida offers suites starting at $49 per night, has a salon and spa, and expert training services.

The Barkley Dog Hotel in Westlake Village California offers suites starting at $59 going up to $107 per night and includes a maid and linen service as well as music and television. Your pooch can also indulge in one of the many spa services available here.

The Dog. Hotel and Daycare in Chicago has a Grand Suite which includes a daily maid and turndown service for $120 per night.

The sky is the limit when it comes to dog hotels!

Add-On Charges

Another thing to factor in when choosing a boarding option is add-on services that you may need which are charged separately. These include additional walks, playtime, grooming services, administering medicines, extra meals, and more. If your dog is shy or doesn’t get along with other dogs, you may end up paying more since he needs special care. This may even apply to certain breeds. Some sitters will also charge you to pick up and drop off your pooch. Pay attention to these added services and costs so that you’re not shocked when you receive your final bill.

Choosing a Boarding Option

No matter what type of boarding you choose for your dog, take your time to do your research. Don’t rush into it and be sure to read plenty of reviews before you finalize a place. It’s also a good idea to visit the kennel or home before you actually leave your dog there. If possible, take him along to see how he responds to the people and the place. Ensure that it’s clean and that there’s enough room, food, and water. Talk to the staff to get a better idea of the facility and above all, trust your gut. The most important thing is to make sure that you’re leaving your fur-baby with someone you trust. If something doesn’t seem right, move on to the next option. It’s worth the time and energy!

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Dog Boarding Costs_Different Plans and Costs ExplainedDog Boarding Costs_Different Plans and Costs ExplainedDog Boarding Costs_Different Plans and Costs Explained

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