This Dog Crate is Virtually Indestructible

ProSelect Empire Dog Cages are designed to be the Alcatraz of pet crates. Specifically made for canine Houdini's, the 3/4″ frame of these dog cages is forged from 20-gauge steel and reinforced by 1/2″ diameter steel tubes to make this the sturdiest, strongest, most durable crate on the market.

These cages are finished in high-grade hammertone, making them rust resistant. The ProSelect Empire Dog Cage comes with a floor grate, steel tray, and four removable locking casters for additional mobility. These crates are designed specifically for large, powerful, aggressive dogs that are easily able to chew or break plastic, wooden, or metal wire crates.

These dog cages are available in two sizes for medium and small breeds or large and extra large breeds. The stout dual door latches will keep any dog inside the crate, and the heavy duty welding on the cage's stress points give it unmatched durability. If you're sick of replacing crates, this may be just what your home needs.

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