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Articles, studies and advice on best dog food brands, interviews with vets on dog nutrition, reviews of top dog food choices and videos of how to read dog food labels, how to feed a dog, and everything else a responsible dog parent needs to know about dog foods.
Top 7 Best Dry Foods for Puppies of Any Breed

Top 7 Best Dry Foods for Puppies of Any Breed

Adopting a new puppy is very overwhelming, especially if it's your first puppy ever. Many new pet parents ask the breeder or shelter what...
Can I give my dog plums

Can Dogs Eat Plums?

Plums are a juicy, sweet fruit that is often associated with summertime. This fruit may have been one of the first domesticated by humanity....
Why Is Premium Dog Food So Expensivevideo

TOP #29: Why Is Premium Dog Food So Expensive?

Pet nutritionist Dr. Jennifer Adolphe, PhD explains why premium dog food is so expensive, discusses sustainability in the pet food industry and a lot more.
Best Dog Food for Small Dogs

Top 10 Best Dog Foods for Small Dogs

Small breed dogs need foods specifically formulated for them in order to prevent them from developing nutrition-influenced diseases. Most common diseases among small breed...
Can I give my dog turkey

Can Dogs Eat Turkey Meat?

Turkey is a lean, low-fat meat that is most often consumed by people during Thanksgiving dinners but is also a favorite ground turkey option...
Can I give my dog garlic

Why Is Garlic Bad for Dogs?

The garlic plant has been used to add flavor to foods and for its medicinal purposes for hundreds of years. This edible bulb can...
Can I give my dog cake

Can Dogs Eat Cake?

Cake is a delectable dessert that is often part of birthday parties, weddings, and other family celebrations. This dessert’s sugary goodness makes it the...
Can I give my dog cashews

Cashews for Dogs: Good or Bad?

Cashews are nuts that are buttery, while also sweet and salty, making them one of the tastiest nuts to eat. This nut is a...
Can I give my dog chocolate

Why Is Chocolate Bad for Dogs?

Chocolate has long been associated with desserts and decadence and is often viewed as an indulgence in most countries. This sweet treat can be...
Why Is Ginger Good for Dogs

Is Ginger Good for Dogs?

The root of the ginger plant has been used by humanity for centuries, primarily for adding spice to food and for holistic medicinal purposes....
Can Dogs Have JellO

Can Dogs Have Jell-O?

Jell-O is a bright-colored dessert that is considered a fun food, in particular for children. Containing powdered gelatin, sugars, and artificial sweeteners, Jell-O (or...
Can Our Dogs Eat Mango

Can Dogs Eat Mango?

Many people love the sweet, juicy taste of a mango, especially during warm summer months. Mangoes are highly nutritious fruit that can be eaten...


How do you check a dog's temperament

How Do You Check a Dog’s Temperament?

Whether you're looking to adopt a new dog or purchase a puppy, a temperament test can help evaluate the dog's behavior in various situations. These...
Cinnamon for Dogs - Uses, Benefits and Side Effects

Is Cinnamon Bad for Dogs? Uses, Benefits and Side Effects

We know cinnamon has health benefits for people, but have you ever wondered if it’s safe for your dog to chew on a cinnamon...
pros and cons of inbreeding dogs

Pros and Cons of Inbreeding Dogs

Anyone that's ever looked for a purebred dog has probably come across articles talking about inbreeding. Inbreeding is the intentional mating together of two closely...

Best Age to Separate a Puppy from its Mother

Eventually, all pups grow up. But the question we all have been asking remains... what is the best age to separate a puppy from its...
Top 10 Best Dogs for Seniors and How They Benefit the Elderly

10 Best Dogs for Seniors and How They Benefit the Elderly

Depending on the stage of life you're in, there are certain breeds that will fit you, or someone you know, better. The best dogs for...
Semi-Moist Dog Food

Semi Moist Dog Food: Pros, Cons, Best Brands

Quick Glance At The Best Semi-Moist Dog Food We've Chosen The semi moist dog type is likely a term you haven’t heard before, but it’s...
how can you tell if a dog is aggressive

How Can You Tell if a Dog is Aggressive

How can you tell if a dog is aggressive? The barking? The stalker-ish stance? The snarl? Definitely, there are tell-tale signs that the dog across the...
dog dementia breeds

Dog Dementia Breeds: Are Some Dog Breeds Prone to Dementia?

Many senior dogs will, unfortunately, fall victim to dementia, with the likelihood of diagnosis increasing as the animal ages. While dementia is a well-known and...
Bleeding Gums in Dogs Featured

Bleeding Gums In Dogs And What To Do About It

Is your dog’s gums bleeding recently? What could be the cause of that? What are the possible treatments? In this blog, we'll discuss everything you'll...
Indiana Pet Store Directory, Dog Parks, Shelters and More

Indiana Pet Stores, Dog Parks, Shelters, and More

Located in the Great Lakes region, Indiana is often known as The Hoosier State and certainly has a ton of amazing sites to explore...