Giveaway: Dog Grooming Supplies Pack Valued at $40

At home dog grooming can save you a lot of money on professional services. If you're going to groom your dog on your own, you'll need to buy some supplies. This is your chance to win a FREE Dog Grooming Supplies Pack!

The lucky winner of this giveaway will receive a package that includes ear cleaning wipes, a slicker brush, and a nail clipper set. This is a $40 value!

Grooming a dog involves a lot more than just brushing and bathing. The skin and coat are definitely the largest area of your pet that needs to be maintained, but there are other areas you need to focus on as well.

dog grooming supplies pack giveawayIn order to have a healthy and well-groomed pet, you'll need to clip his nails and keep his ears clean. Wax build-up in the ears and nails that are too long will cause your pet pain and could lead to infection.

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What can you win? The winner of this giveaway will receive a slicker brush from The Pet Portal, a professional dog nail clipper set from MIU Pet, and a container of dog ear cleaning wipes from Earthbath.

PRODUCT REVIEW: The Pet Portal Slicker Brush for Dogs

Dog Grooming Supplies Pack Giveaway

Dog Grooming Supplies Pack Giveaway

Dog grooming supplies that you'll receive

The Pet Portal Slicker Brush

Slicker brushes are primarily used to remove mats and tangles from dogs with long hair.  The feature that really makes this brush stand out is the self-cleaning button, which pulls the bristles into the head of the brush. This removes all the collected hair and debris, so you don't have to do it with your fingers.

The Pet Portal Self Cleaning Dog Brush for Shedding Slicker Brush Cat Long Haired Pet Brush Grooming Deshedding Supplies - Small Pets White The Pet Portal Slicker Brush can be used on both dogs and cats, making it ideal for multi-pet homes. The wire bristles are firm, but they won’t cut into your pet's skin or cause her any pain.

The handle of The Pet Portal Slicker Brush is made of rubber and ergonomically designed. This helps to reduce hand fatigue while grooming and prevent your hand from slipping while you’re brushing your pup.

The brush body and head are plastic, and the bristles are made of stainless steel. This slicker brush can be easily cleaned with warm water and mild detergent.

You can check out my video review for more in-depth information on The Pet Portal's Slicker Brush for dogs.

This brush retails for $16 on Amazon, and this is your opportunity to win it for FREE!

MIU Pet Professional Pet Nail Clipper Set

This dog nail clipper set is made for people with experience clipping pet nails. It is not equipped with a guard, so it should only be used by experienced groomers or pet owners with a lot of experience trimming their dog's nails.

The MIU Pet Professional Pet Nail Clipper Set (currently unavailable) is made of stainless steel. The blades will cut through your Fido's toenails very easily. The handles are extremely durable and are lined with rubber grips that keep your fingers from slipping.

While most similar products have a traditional spring-loaded handle, these clippers are equipped with a metal plate acting as a spring. All you have to do is flip the plate up, and it pushes the clippers open after you squeeze them closed to clip the nail.

These clippers will cut the nails of both large and small breeds, making them ideal for multi-dog families. The handles are ergonomically designed, which means they will be comfortable and reduce hand fatigue. This set also includes a nail file, which is a nice bonus to help clean up jagged edges.

You can check out my video review for more in-depth information on the MIU Pet Professional Pet Nail Clipper Set.

This nail clipper set retails for $13 on Amazon, and we're giving you the opportunity to win it for FREE!

Earthbath All Natural Ear Cleaning Wipes

This package of 25 soft dog ear-cleaning wipes works to clean and deodorize your pup's ears. They're pH-balanced, gentle, and effective. They're also 100% biodegradable and cruelty-free.

earthbath, Dog Ear Wipes – Gentle Dog Ear Cleaner, Best Pet Wipes for Dogs & Cats, Made in USA, Cruelty-Free Dog Wipes, Keep Your Pet's Ears Naturally Clear & Infection Free – 30 Wipes (1 Pack) Have you ever tried to clean your pet's ears using cleaning solutions and cotton balls? It's messy, and chances are that your dog doesn't care for it. These ear wipes from Earthbath are a much simpler and more convenient solution.

If you don't clean your pup's ears regularly, wax and debris will build up inside of them and cause infections. These wipes contain witch hazel, a natural cleanser and astringent, and won't remove topical flea and tick treatments.

The package you will receive contains 25 wipes measuring 7″ X 3.5″. They come in a convenient pop-up container and are suitable for all breeds.

A package of these wipes retails for $9 on Amazon, and now you have the opportunity to win them for FREE!

dog grooming supplies pack giveaway

How to enter the giveaway

To enter the giveaway all you have to do is:

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