Dog Missing for 5 Months Returns Home

A Yorkshire terrier named Nicholas went missing from his home in Arizona for over 5 months before he was reunited with his owners, thanks to the help of a microchip.

Amazingly, he made it all the way to Wisconsin over the 5 month period. That's an unbelievable 1800 mile journey! He was spotted wandering around a neighborhood in Howard, Wisconsin and some kind citizens brought him in to the Bay Area Human Society

When they discovered that his microchip was registered in Tucson, Arizona they were stunned. They called Nicholas' mom to report the news and, although she was excited to know her beloved pooch was safe and sound, she couldn't afford the plane ticket to go pick him up. 

Eventually, word spread like wildfire on social media and some kind stranger was generous enough to donate their frequent flier miles to the cause. Nicholas and his mom were reunited, and hopefully he never leaves home again.

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