21 Best Dog Parks in San Diego, CA

Whether you live in the city or in the suburbs, it is often a challenge to find a great place where you can freely and safely walk your dog. There are a lot of parks and dog walking areas in San Diego but not all of them are up to par with many dog owners’ standards. So what are the best dog parks in San Diego, CA and how do you filter them out?

There are a lot of criteria that need to be met for a dog park or area to be suitable for your pooch, such as:

If your dog is small in size you often need a park that has separated zones for smaller and for bigger dogs. A park that is common for all breeds and sizes of dogs can be quite dangerous for smaller dogs, particularly since they are often overly aggressive towards their bigger relatives.

For a lot of hound dogs, particularly sight hounds like the Greyhound or the Saluki, it is very important that you find a large and enclosed park that can allow you to safely take the leash off your dog and let it run freely. To that end you need to first do quite a bit of research on each park – does it leave spaces in the enclosed area through which your dog can run out into the street? Does it have enough open spaces for your dog to run through? How populated is the park, is overcrowding an issue? And so on, and so on.

Also, you obviously need the park to be clean – a lot of dog parks and dog walking areas suffer because of dog owners that don’t clean up after their dogs. It should go without saying that you don’t want to be one of these dog owners, but regardless – a great dog park has as few of these incidents as possible.

The park needs to be big enough for your dog’s needs, to have enough open areas for running and playing, as well as to cater to your needs as well – to have enough shade, to have enough benches to sit, etc.

With all of that considered, here are the top 21 best dog parks in San Diego, CA.

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21 Best Dog Parks in San Diego, CA

Best Dog Parks in San DiegoNate’s Point Dog Park

To kick things off, here is one of the most famous dog parks in San Diego – the Nate’s Point Dog Park. Located on the West Mesa of Balboa Park, just south of El Prado / Laurel Street, this dog park offers 2.3 acres of a perfectly fenced area where your dog can happily run off-leash for as much as he or she likes. The park is also equipped with picnic tables and drinking fountains, making for a great place for both you and your dog.

Little Italy Dog Park (Amici Park)

The Amici dog park is located in Little Italy, between Date street and Cedar street. A great location for dogs and people alike, the Amici Park in Little Italy was created with the help of an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign and is an excellent little park. Before that the playing field at Washington Elementary School was used as an unofficial dog park by dog owners and as a regular kids’ park by everyone else. This created a lot of issues in the community since dogs and children have quite different needs when it comes to parks. After the renovation, however, there’s a separate park for the dogs of Little Italy and it has become a jewel in the neighborhood.

Fiesta Island Dog Park

Located within the Mission Bay in San Diego, Fiesta Island is one large peninsular park. It is a place for a lot of events such as the annual Over-the-Line tournament. It is an open space that’s used by everyone and for everything – walks, jogging, picnics, as well as dogs. While it is not a dedicated dog park and dogs can’t run off-leash, in every other regard it is still a great place for a doggie walk, as long as you are a responsible dog owner and clean after your pet.

Rancho Bernardo Community Dog Park

Rancho Bernardo-Glassman is a famous recreation center in San Diego and the Rancho Bernardo Community Park has a specialized dog park area that’s an excellent location for dog owners and their four-legged friends. It is not an off-leash park either, but it is a great and perfectly maintained park that your dog will be happy to walk and run in together with you.

Morley Field Dog Park

Located at the west end of the Morley Field Sports Complex and just southwest of the tennis courts in Balboa Park, the Morley Field Dog Park has an immense off-leash area. The park is also connected to the Florida Canyon Nature Trails, which both you and your pet would probably enjoy to walk through on a leash.

Dusty Rhodes Off-Leash Dog Park

Another great off-leash dog park in San Diego is the Dusty Rhodes Dog Park. Located around the Sunset Cliffs Boulevard, this dog park offers a great amount of space for walking, play and running. It is also has separated areas for larger and for smaller dogs, so that the smaller breeds can play safely and owners of all dogs can have a nice, care-free experience.

Doyle Community and Dog Park

Located just behind the Doyle Recreation Center, the Doyle Dog Park offers a great off-leash enclosed space where dog owners can bring their dogs for a run. The park also has a separated area for smaller dogs so that everyone in the park can have their fun undisturbed, and for the owners themselves, the park has water fountains, shade structures with benches and a barbecue area – everything for everyone!

Kearny Mesa Dog Park

Located by Armstrong Street in San Diego, the Kearney Mesa Dog Park offers a great off-leash space for dog owners in the area. With a size of 1 acre and fully fenced, the park has plenty of grass space for your dog to run freely, to play, and to have fun. The park also offers chairs and shade trees for the dog owners, as well as running water.

Grape Street Dog Park

  • Address: 1998 28th St, San Diego, CA 92102 (Google Maps)

Located on the side of – you guessed it – Grape Street, this dog park is a designated off-leash park of the bigger Grape Street Park. One negative that must be mentioned is that it is not fenced – your dog is free to run across the rather large area, but you need to make sure that it obeys your commands and doesn’t run away. Aside from that the park offers not only a ton of room, but also picnic tables and logs, lots of shade, water, poop bags, and is 50%+ grass, making for a great experience for both you and your furry friend.


For something a bit different, here we have the Quartyard. Not your typical dog park, this is actually an outdoor Beer Garden. You can go to the Quartyard to grab a beer and have something to eat, to chat with fellow dog owners and friends. But don’t worry, because your dog won’t be bored either – the Quartyard has an off-leash dog park area where your dog can have all the fun and playtime it needs. One negative is that there are no separated areas for dogs of different sizes, so if your dog is too small, frightful or aggressive towards bigger dogs – you might want to be careful.

Ward Canyon Dog Park

  • Address: 4624 40th St, San Diego, CA 92116 (Google Maps)

A fenced off-leash dog park located by the 40th Street in San Diego, Ward Canyon Dog Park also offers a separation for smaller and for bigger dog breeds. It is quite large and it offers dogs a ton of running space. One notable minus is that it is not grass, but is actually barked – if you think this would be a problem for your pup, then you should keep it in mind, but if not – this is a great open and fenced area where your dog can freely run and play.

Montevalle Park Dog Park

  • Address: 840 Duncan Ranch Rd, Chula Vista, CA 91914 (Google Maps)

Located by Duncan Ranch Rd., the Montevalle Dog Park is a great off-leash fenced area that is mostly covered with grass and allows for a ton of run, walk and playtime for you and your dog. It has separated areas for bigger and smaller dog breeds, so that everyone can have their fun undisturbed. The park even has doggie drinking fountains and a waste station – everyone you and your dog could need for a great time outdoors.

Otay Ranch Town Center Dog Park

At the side of Birch Rd, Chula Vista, the Otay Ranch Town Center Dog Park offers dog owners a 10,000 square foot gated area where your dog can run freely off-leash for as much as it’d like. The park is open from 7am to 9pm and has a lot of nearby parking spaces, so that people from San Diego and the area can easily access it.

Mast Park

Mast Park is not an off-leash dog park, but it is a great and beautiful place for a walk or a jog together with your furry friend. Located by the banks of the San Diego River, it is a prime fishing and picnic spot – it has nice concrete picnic tables, lots of water, as well as a lot of parking space. If you are looking for not just a dog park, but for a great new place where your family and dog can go on the weekend for some fun together – Mast Park is definitely a park to consider.

Wells Park Dog Run

  • Address: 1153 E Madison Ave, El Cajon, CA 92021 (Google Maps)

Located by Madison Ave, in El Cajon, this is a 1.4 acre big and fully fenced off-leash park where your dog can run as freely and as wildly as it wishes. It is covered with grass and gravel for a great doggie experience, and it also has a lot of drinking fountains, as well as benches and shade for dog owners. There are plenty of parking spaces around the park area, so that dog owners can access it easily even if they are not from El Cajon. One notable negative is that there’ve been reports that some of the dog owners in the park don’t clean up after their pets, so please make sure that you do.

Woodglen Vista Dog Park

If you are looking for a nice and clean place to play with your dog in the Santee area, the Woodglen Vista Dog Park is a place to consider. Open from dawn till dusk, it is grassed and it has plenty of areas for dog owners to sit down, have a break and a rest in the shade and have a nice time together.

Maddox Neighborhood Dog Park

  • Address: Dabney Dr, San Diego, CA 92126 (Google Maps)

Located inside the Maddox Neighborhood Park, this 2/3 acre fenced area is a great place for you and your dog to go and have some off-leash fun. Just south of Mira Mesa Blvd, this dog park is grassed and has a lot of shade trees, trash bags and trash bins for your convenience. There are also tables and benches where dog owners can sit, take a break and chat. The community in the park is lively and diverse, which makes for a rather busy park. Despite all the utilities in the park, it has some issues with cleanliness, so dog owners are strongly urged to clean after their pets.

Ocean Beach Dog Beach

The Original Dog Beach in San Diego is famous for being one of the first off-leash beaches in the United States. Located by the mouth of the San Diego River, Ocean Beach is a special place for the people of San Diego not only for its significance, but simply because it is a great place for both dogs and dog owners alike. Officially adopted by the Ocean Beach Town Council's Dog Beach Committee in 1972, Ocean Beach is open for all people and dogs. As such, it may be viewed as unsafe for some dogs, since there’s no actual separation for bigger and smaller breeds, however, as long as you are confident in your dog’s ability to stay out of trouble with other dogs, Ocean Beach is a great place to consider when you’re wondering where to take your dog.

Civita Dog Park

The entirety of the Civita Park includes 14.3 acres of multileveled, grassed space. An amazing place for children and dogs alike, this park has separate fenced dog enclosures for bigger and smaller dogs where they can run and play freely and undisturbed. Located on Civita Boulevard at Russell Park Way, this park is amazing if you are looking not just for a dog park where you can quickly take your dog for a run, but for a park where you can spend a whole weekend afternoon, both off-leash and on-leash.

Nobel Dog Park

  • Address: 8820 Judicial Dr, San Diego, CA 92122 (Google Maps)

This great park offers separated fenced areas for smaller and bigger dogs. It also has poop bags for easy cleaning, as well as shaded benches where dog owners can take a break and have some rest. A great place for both a quick run session and a playful afternoon, Nobel Dog Park is definitely a place to consider for people in the area.

Coronado Dog Beach

A great dog beach by Ocean Blvd, the Coronado Dog Beach offers pretty much everything a dog and its owner can wish for – a ton of running space, a very friendly community, conveniently placed poop bags stands, showers for both you and your pet. If you are looking for a great beach time for you and your pet, Coronado Dog Beach is widely regarded as one of the best dog beaches in San Diego.

And there you have them, the 21 best dog parks in San Diego, CA. Do you live near one of these dog parks, but for one reason or another haven’t checked them out yet? Maybe you should – your dog will surely love them!

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Rachael is a writer living in Los Angeles and an alum of UNC Chapel Hill. She has been a pet owner since the age of three and began dog-walking in 2015. Her nine-year-old Pug and best pal, Ellie, is the queen of sassy faces, marathon naps, and begging.