Loving Dog Predicts Owner’s Pregnancy
Youtube/Pets Best Pet Insurance
A couple struggling to get pregnant received the news in an unexpected and incredible way – from their dog, Apollo.

In a recent video made by Pets Best Insurance Services, Rachel Muniz details the heartwarming tale of how her loving family came to be.

Rachel and her husband had been struggling with fertility issues, trying unsuccessfully for their first child.

During this emotional time, they decided to rescue a dog from the shelter to help alleviate their stress and have a fur baby to love and care for.

Rachel fell in love with a dog there right away, and the couple took him home and named him Apollo.

Loving Dog Predicts Owner’s Pregnancy
Image: YouTube/Pets Best Pet Insurance

Rachel recounts that Apollo was there for her through her struggles, providing love and comfort while she battled some significant emotional lows.

Though Apollo was always loving and affectionate, there was one day where things changed a little, and Apollo was acting different.

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While lying down with Rachel, he suddenly rested his nose on her abdomen – and wouldn’t move.

Rachel was baffled by this behavior. Thinking he was either being extra affectionate or maybe even trying to communicate something to her, she took a few photos to capture the moment in time.

Loving Dog Predicts Owner’s Pregnancy
Image: YouTube/Pets Best Pet Insurance

And lo and behold, 3 weeks later, Rachel’s pregnancy test was positive!

So how might Apollo have known that his owner was suddenly pregnant before she knew? Most likely, it was due to his keen sense of smell.

As soon as a woman becomes pregnant, she undergoes hormonal changes. Dogs can likely detect this change because it produces a change in the subtle odors our body emits (but this is not something that can be detected by humans).

Nine months after Apollo detected her initial pregnancy, Rachel gave birth to their son, Donovan. And Apollo was ready to be a big brother.

Though he is a boisterous, energetic and 75-pound Lab mix, Rachel says when they brought the baby home, she’d never seen Apollo so gentle.

Two and a half years later, Apollo is an incredible big brother to Donovan. Rachel says their dog has added a big layer of love to the home they have created.

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Cody has worked and volunteered with rescue animals her entire life. She worked as a veterinary assistant and technician in shelters, rescues, boarding facilities, doggy daycares and animal hospitals in New York and Chicago throughout her teens and twenties, and now resides as a pet foster mom in Upstate New York.