Dog Supplements from Missing Link Fortify Your Pet’s Diet


It's no secret that commercial dog foods do not provide your pet with the same nutrients that they would get if they were living in the wild. The makers of Missing Link supplements believe animals need the nutritionally dense, raw, whole foods that they would get in the wild. When they don't get these foods, Missing Link believes they need supplements added to their diets to make up for it.

That's why they created supplements for almost all domesticated animals including cats, birds, small animals, horses, and dogs. The company only uses premium quality ingredients from whole foods and food concentrates in all of their products.

The patented, proprietary manufacturing, packaging and handling methods ensure the freshest and most stable delivery of Omega 3 fatty acids with all vital nutrients intact. They do not use any artificial ingredients, no synthetics, and no preservatives. They have a variety of formulas to address everything from arthritis to allergies.