Dog Thrown in LA River Gets A New Start

After being abused and abandoned, this sweet little dog gets a second chance when an animal rescue organization pulled him out of an LA river. Concerned citizens called in to report a badly beaten dog was thrown 30 feet down into a canal in Los Angeles this week.

Rescue workers found the dog curled up on an old potato chip bag in the dirty waters of the canal. At first sight they realized the little guy was in really bad shape; he even had one leg completely cut off.

“Jordan,” who had survived two days down in the canal was treated for his amputated leg, mange, bacterial infections, dehydration and malnutrition. Three days after his rescue he was finally strong enough to take his first bath.

The inspiring story of Jordan’s rescue was completely documented on film and edited into this short video. Rescues like this happen all too often, but thankfully Jordan’s story ends happily. In just over a week he was able to recover enough to go to his foster home.

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