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Up Dog Toys Has A New Puzzle Toy In the Works

Up Dog Toys Has A New Puzzle Toy In the Works
Photo: dog-milk.com

If you have a dog that likes to chew on toys, you've probably got a pile of them lying around your house. Your dog doesn't care what their toys look like, they just want to play with them, so why not buy toys that compliment your homes décor? Until now you wouldn't have been able to find a modern looking, simple dog toy that’s design would match the other decorations in your home, but Up Dog Toys is about to change that.

They’ve created a puzzle toy that dispenses treats which they are calling The Odin. It is the first in a series of toys that they are creating to keep your home looking great and maintain your pet’s happiness. This toy engages dogs on many levels by stimulating them mentally and providing lots of physical activity. It’s a toy that is always entertaining and your dog will never get bored playing with The Odin.

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Dogs of all breeds and sizes will enjoy this chew toy. Bigger dogs can pick it up and smaller breeds can roll it around with their nose and paws. Dog owners simply stuff treats in the designated slot, and as the dog plays the treats will pop out randomly.

The minimalistic, modern design of this puzzle toy was inspired by art and geometric shapes. The Odin combines functionality and aesthetic features to create a toy that is both fun for dogs and pleasing to the eye.

Up Dog Toys Has A New Puzzle Toy In the Works
Photo: dog-milk.com

Another great bonus of this chew toy is that owners can combine multiple toys together in order to increase the difficulty and add variation to their dogs play time. The more toys that you connect, the harder the challenge becomes for your pet.

When you connect more than one Odin toy, it will not roll as easily and there will be fewer holes for treats to come out. Connecting two or more toys together also makes the treats come out of different compartments. You are also able to add a larger amount of kibble or treats when you connect multiple balls.

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Up Dog Toys took great care in choosing the material that they used for The Odin. They made the toy food safe, durable, phthalates free and latex free. The material is also dishwasher safe for easier cleaning. This treat dispensing toy can hold about one cup of food or treats if you choose to fill it completely full.

The company ran a Kickstarter campaign to gain funding, and they are about to launch the product and begin shipping to customers in June. The toys can be ordered on the company’s website right now, and they are hoping to have their product hit retail store shelves later this year.

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