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Dog Wins Big At The Ball Park

Dog Wins Big At The Ball Park
Photo: Fox Sports

Take me out to the ballgame took on a whole new meaning at a Phillies spring training game when a fun couple decided to bring along their pooch. Tucked into a baby sling on the owner’s chest, the happiest curly poodle mix on the planet enjoyed the ballgame, a refreshment and an afternoon of chill.

We can’t think of a better way to spend a lazy afternoon in Clearwater, Florida! Can you?

From catching sunshine while napping in his sling, to lapping water from a bottle cap his dad gave him, the little dog enjoyed the doggy version of the best day ever. The video capturing his moment in the sun shows a chill, happy dog, just winning at life.

Dog Wins Big At The Ball Park
Photo: Fox Sports

His doggy parents act like everything is normal, which makes us understand that this isn’t the first trip the trio has embarked on as a family. Actually, it's enough of a regular occurrence that they purchased a pup sling to take their dog everywhere with them. They are probably the kind of dog owners that refer to their little best friend as their “fur kid.”

Clearly big Phillies fans in their Phillies finery, they just wanted a casual fun family day, which of course includes bringing along the dog. Who, while napping during his 15 minutes of fame (ok, more like 29 seconds), he woke up enough to get rehydrated and cheer on his favorite players.

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What is more American than baseball, hotdogs and taking your dog along for the ride? Major League Baseball knows this and has Dog Days of Summer events throughout the league and throughout the season.  It's not just for spring training! Your pooch can tag along to the MLB Ballpark of your choice, just check out your favorite baseball park’s schedule to see when their event is scheduled.

A word to the wise – book early. You aren’t the only dog lover who wants to enjoy your favorite sport with your pooch. These events fill up quickly. Most include fun activities like a pet parade around the warning track pre-game, best in show contests and all-you-can-eat treats for both owners and dogs.

For the Phillies game, which is scheduled for Friday, May 20, when the Phillies host the Atlanta Braves, a 50/50 raffle will be held with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Tony La Russa’s Animal Rescue Foundation (ARF). La Russa’s  love of animals goes back as long as his love of baseball.

He managed to merge the two successfully, finding homes for unwanted, abandoned animals while managing some of the most winning teams in baseball. This year, his ARF Foundation is hosting Bark in the Park baseball and doggy events in 13 major league parks across the country, including the one for the Phillies.

Hopefully a road trip is in the future of our favorite ball park dog. His dad can tote him around in the pup sling while he takes in America’s favorite pastime. Sunshine, baseball, hotdogs and your best friend – it has all of the elements of the perfect day for most of us.

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