The Doggie Bag Toy is Entertaining and Stimulating


Keeping your dog entertained can be challenging for owners with active pets, and it's hard not to feel guilty when you can't provide the stimulation and attention that they need. Interactive dog toys like The Doggie Bag toy from Hyper Pet will keep your dog entertained while you're at work or busy with household chores.

There is a motion sensing ball inside the burlap doggie bag. When your dog pushes, rolls, chews, or moves the ball in any way it begins to shake and make silly noises and barking sounds. Between the noises and the motion your dog won't know what is going on. He'll be entertained for hours!

The bag has a Velcro opening so owners can easily take the ball out and change the batteries. The Doggie Bag runs on 3 AAA batteries. The ball is also equipped with a toggle switch, so you can turn it on and off when need.