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This Doggy Boutique Created South Dakota Themed Dog Treats

South Dakota Themed Dog Treats Available At This Doggy Boutique
Photo: shopdogboutique.com

It’s great to have pride in the town, city, or state that you live in. For one dog biscuit manufacturer in South Dakota, they’ve decided to show their appreciation for their great state by incorporating iconic South Dakota themes in their original line of all-natural dog biscuits. Shop Dog & Co., located in Sioux Falls launched their new product last month.

The dog biscuits are wheat and corn-free and are made with all-natural, human-grade ingredients. The recipes include a bacon and cheddar flavor and a peanut butter and jelly flavor. The biscuit treats come in adorable tins and have names like Black Hills Gold Digger, Fat Prairie Dog and Mount Ruffmore. Customers can bring the tins back to the boutique to have them refilled as well.

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Ellyn Suga, owner of Shop Dog & Co., said that developing the line of treats brought together her love of South Dakota, her commitment to pet nutrition and health, and her dream of creating a wholesale pet product. She is fascinated by the business world, and she says that creating a wholesale product gives her the opportunity to make connections with other business owners while representing a product that she is proud to stand behind.

The dog treats can be found at the Shop Dog retail store and on the company’s website. Suga is hoping to add other retail locations this fall. She plans to expand to tourist destinations in western South Dakota as well.

Suga says that she has visited many tourist areas in the state and realized the need for safe and healthy dog treats for the pets that are traveling with their families. She wanted to tie that idea in with the tins; a fun souvenir that can be brought home for pets that didn’t get to come along on the family road trip.

Suga opened Shop Dog in December of 2012. She was born and raised in South Dakota and is proud to be part of the local economy in Sioux Falls. Shop Dog sells top quality dog products like all-natural pet food made in Minnesota and durable dog toys that are made in Montana.

South Dakota Themed Dog Treats Available At This Doggy Boutique
Photo: shopdogboutique.com

The dog boutique carries everything that you’ll need for your furry friend and a lot of their products are made in the United States. They carry dog beds, apparel, collars, leashes, harnesses, grooming supplies, and so much more. Shop Dog also has home décor, gifts, books and other interesting finds for pet lovers.

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On the store’s website you’ll find a gallery filled with pictures of four-legged customers that come to the store along with some of the products they have in stock. You’ll also find a great blog with lots of interesting information for dog owners. The posts are short and simple, so you can easily browse through them and you’ll find dog-related information about the Sioux Falls area, information about the store and their products, and lots of great product reviews as well.

Owning a business is a lot of work, but making it successful is an entirely different struggle. You need to connect with your customers and provide top-quality service, or else your customers will quickly look to your competition. There are pet stores in virtually every decent-sized city in the U.S., and most department and big box stores sell all the necessary pet supplies any dog owner would ever need.

Suga has created a business that stands out from the crowd and draws consumers away from the big box stores. She offers great service and quality products, and she buys her inventory from many small companies that focus on quality over quantity. The same cannot be said for most other pet stores.

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