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Moving to a new or unfamiliar state can be challenging, especially for pet owners.

If you're moving to the Treasure State, we've covered you with the best Montana pet stores, dog parks, pet groomers, and more.

Finding a new home is not just challenging for us but also for our dogs.

A new place means finding new pet stores, groomers, trainers, and more.

The previous store, groomer, and vet you trusted are long gone. And looking for these excellent pet essentials can be quite a hassle.

Below, we'll tackle everything about pet essentials in Montana—from the best pet stores to the most trusted veterinary clinics.

Our dogs deserve the best quality regarding food, safety, and health.

Since they've always been great pets, it's time to reciprocate these by giving them the finest treatment possible.

We'll also tackle Montana's best dog rescue organizations or adoption centers if you don't own a pet.

We've got you covered on everything about dog essentials to make your move as smooth as possible.

Without further ado, let's talk about where you can get the best quality dog foods in the area.

Let's dive deeper into the best pet stores in Montana.

Best Pet Stores in Montana

Best Pet Stores in Montana

This list can be your ultimate guide, and you'll never run out of dog foods, new treats, or toys.

All you have to do is visit some Montana pet stores listed below.

Take note that these lists are not in a particular order. Let's start things off with the best Montana Pet Stores list:

Bridger Animal Nutrition

Location: 501 Evergreen Dr.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Contact Number: 1 (406) 586-3026

You can't go wrong with Bridger Animal Nutrition if you feed your dog a healthy diet.

Bridger Animal Nutrition is an independently owned pet store specializing in healthy pet products.

Their stock is chosen based on the well-being of animals and the environment. Shop for high-quality, balanced pet food at Bridger Animal Nutrition.

Fetch Pet Boutique

Location: 1408 3rd Street NW
Great Falls, MT 59404

Contact Number: 406-315-3579

At Fetch Pet Boutique, you'll find everything that you need. This shop offers every pet essential in one place.

Looking for leashes? Bodywash? Conditioner for pets? They got it!

They also offer grooming, daycare, boarding, and training services.

Lovable Pets Bakery and Boutique

Location: 1313 Grand Ave. Evergreen Midtown Plaza, Suite 6 • Billings, MT 59102

Contact Number: 406.254.9332

Our dogs deserve a spa day for being the best buds in our lives. They need to get pampered, and Lovable Pets Bakery and Boutique can help with that.

They offer natural foods, supplements, and grooming services for Fido to enjoy.

Their vision is to improve the quality of life of animals everywhere through an unfailing dedication to providing only safe and healthy pet supplies.

Happy Hounds Pet Supply

Location: 7935 MT HIGHWAY 35 BIGFORK, MT 59911

Contact Number: 406-420-2806

Happy Hounds Pet Supply is a dog and cat supply store in the state of Montana.

If you own a dog and a cat, like I do, this is the perfect pet store.

They have all the things you need! They offer food, treats, toys, collars, harnesses, leashes, jackets, beds, bowls, feeders, and more.


Location: 27 SHILOH RD, STE #1, BILLINGS, MT, 59106, US

Contact Number: 406-534-4245

Doo-O-Gee has plenty of branches all over Montana. They have stores in Bozeman, Billings, Kalispell, and Missoula.

Established in 2008 in Bozeman, Dee-O-Gee is a great store for pet owners all over Montana.

They can also help if you own pet cats, birds, and even horses.

Best Dog Rescue in Montana

Best Dog Rescues in Montana

These awesome Montana pet stores mean nothing if you don't own a dog.

If you're moving to or from Montana and don't have a dog but want one, we can still assist you.

We've gathered a short list of Montana's best dog rescues or organizations where you can adopt your new best friend.

Always remember that adopting rather than shopping for a pet is best. Try out these shelters and dog rescue to help save a pup's life.

Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter

Location: 1735 Monad Rd Billings, MT 59101

Contact Number: (406) 294-7387

Opened in 2009, Yellowstone Valley Animal Shelter is a nonprofit in Billings, Montana.

They are dedicated to strengthening the human-animal bond by providing the community with compassionate, high-quality care and resources.

You can check out their adoptable pets here.

Heart Of The Valley Animal Shelter

Location: 1549 E. Cameron Bridge Rd, Bozeman MT

Contact Number: (406)-388-9399

Heart of the Valley (HOV) is a nonprofit animal shelter in Bozeman which also caters to Gallatin and Madison Valleys.

Heart of the Valley is an open-admission shelter, meaning they accept any dog or cat brought to the shelter regardless of condition or circumstance.

Check out their adoptable dogs here.

Lewis & Clark Humane Society

Location: 2112 E. Custer Avenue, Helena, MT 59604

Contact Number: (406) 442-1660

Based in Helena, Montana, Lewis & Clark Humane Society is a small, private, community-based, not-for-profit organization that provides shelter for unwanted and stray animals.

Founded in 1964, LCHS has continued to grow and expand its facilities and programs along with the community's growth.

You can check out their adoptable pets here.

Humane Society Of Western Montana

Location: 5930 U.S. Hwy 93 S, Missoula, MT 59804, United States

Contact Number: (406)-549-3934

The Humane Society Of Western Montana aims to help neglected animals find their forever homes.

If you're moving to Missoula, Montana, you might find your new best friend at this shelter.

Rescued animals are given emotional, medical, and physical care at the Humane Society of Western Montana. You can check out their available pets here.

Rimrock Humane Society

Location: PO Box 834, Roundup, MT, United States, Montana

Contact Number: 406-323-3687

Founded in 2000, Rimrock Humane Society is located in Roundup, MT.

Rescued animals will receive personalized care, rehabilitation space, and a relaxed environment.

Rescued pets will also have access to trainers and veterinary care. Check out their adoptable dogs here.

Dog-friendly Vacation Destination #2- Bozeman, Montana

Best Dog Parks in Montana

Choosing a dog park is not as easy as it sounds. We must ensure the place is safe, clean, and big enough for dogs to play.

Below is a quick list of the best dog parks in Montana where your dogs can play and run around safely.

Hamilton Dog Park

Location: 843 New York Ave, Hamilton, MT 59840, United States

Hamilton Dog Park is first on our list of the best dog parks in Montana. Hamilton Dog Park offers a secure space for dogs to run and play.

If you're new or visiting Hamilton, check out this dog park!

Jacobs Island Off Leash Dog Park

Location: 6 S Van Buren, Missoula, MT, US, 59801

Jacobs Island Off Leash Dog Park offers 6 acres of land at the east end of Jacob's Island Park.

If your pup's favorite thing is running around, bring him to this dog park.

Running or jogging is one of the best ways to give them the exercise that they need.

Paws to Play Dog Park

Location: 1548-1998 Airport Rd, Kalispell, MT 59901, United States

Paws to Play Dog Park is like heaven on earth for dogs. If you're moving to Kalispell, Montana, let your dog experience a natural, off-leash environment for dogs.

The park also offers a pavilion and benches for pet owners to relax and rest after playing with their dogs.

Centennial Dog Park

Location: 3326 St Johns Ave, Billings, MT 59102, United States

Check out Centennial Dog Park in Billings, Montana, if you value space. They also offer water and benches.

The park also provides educational options that help healthy dogs and unite people.

Pacific Steel & Recycling Trailside Dog Park

Location: 800 River Dr N, Great Falls, MT 59401, United States

The Pacific Steel & Recycling Trailside Dog Park is part of the City of Great Falls public park system. It is open from dawn to dusk.

It features a separate fenced-in area for large and small dogs.

They also offer a drinking fountain for dogs and humans, disposal bags, garbage cans, and more.

Best Dog Trainers in Montana

Puppy Training in Montana

If you're a long-time dog owner, you know that training is crucial and essential for dogs.

The lack of training can be dangerous as it can lead to behavior problems in the future.

Choosing a dog trainer is not an easy task. You should not just choose someone that has plenty of reviews.

Choose someone you can trust where your dog is secure and can help you reach the best results.

Narrowing these puppy trainers down would be difficult if you're in a new area.

Below, we've gathered a quick list of the best puppy trainers in Montana.

Sit Means Sit Dog Training

Location: 20 Ginger Bear Ln
Unit B Bozeman, MT 59718

Contact Number: (406) 282‐3647

If you're moving to Bozeman, Montana, contact Sit Means Sit Dog Training for your pup's training needs.

They offer private lessons, puppy management, immersion board & train, seminars, and more.

Run Your Pack

Contact Number: 406-880-7960

In Run Your Pack, dogs and their trainers are both educated and trained.

They offer working dog programs such as tracking, shed hunting, protection, and nose work.

They also have Pet Obedience, Behavior Modification, Competition Obedience, and Working K9s.

Wind River Canine Partners

Location: 5353 E. Carlton Creek Rd
Florence, MT 59833

Contact Number: (406) 272-2140

If you're relocating to Florence, Montana, you can contact Wind River Canine Partners. Here, they also offer overnight boarding and daycare.

They offer various kinds of training, such as Foundation Partnership Training, Advanced Off Leash, Pulling Sports, House & Door Manners, and more.

SIT Happens Dog Training Center

Location: 912 Kensington Ave, Missoula, MT 59801, United States

Contact Number: 406-356-6007

If you're looking for certified trainers, Sit Happens Dog Training Center's staff are all certified by The Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT).

They specialize in Puppies, Companion Manners training, Dog Sports Training, and more.

All Day Dog Adventures

Location: 734 9th St W, Columbia Falls, MT 59912, USA

Contact Number: 406-407-4161

Last on our list of the best dog trainers in Montana is All Day Dog Adventures in Columbia Falls.

All Day Dog Adventures is a dog training school specializing in dog obedience classes with agility, in-house 1:1 sessions, scent and search workshops, and Service Dog Obedience Training.

Best Pet Groomers in Montana

Best Pet Groomers in Montana

Grooming should never be taken lightly. It's still one of the most important pet essentials. It can help maintain your dog's cleanliness and aesthetics.

Also, dog grooming can lower the risks of other potential health issues.

Now, if you're new to Montana and don't know where to go for grooming, you can visit some of the best dog groomers below:

Gina's Puppy Luvin Pet Grooming

Location: 712 9th St S, Great Falls, MT, United States

Contact Number: 406-403-6785

Gina's Puppy Luvin Pet Grooming should be one of your contacts for pet grooming if you're moving to Great Falls, Montana.

The staff here is accommodating and dedicated to helping your pup be the most beautiful or handsome dog in the area.

Aprils Plush Puppies Grooming & Boarding

Location: 1137 Wire Mill Rd, Black Eagle, MT 59414, United States

Contact Number: 406-771-6692

Aprils Plush Puppies Grooming & Boarding offers one of the best services in grooming and boarding in the Black Eagle area.

Established in 2007, this shop offers rush groom, nail painting, coat color, after-groom massage, and more.

Simply Grooming

Location: 840 South Montana Street, Butte, Montana

Contact Number: 406-299-2242

For pet owners in Butte, Montana, check out Simply Grooming. They offer Bath & Brush, Mini Pet Groom, Full pet Groom, and Cat Grooming.

Other services include clipped nails, anal glands, flea baths, matted pets, deshedding specialty, and medicated shampoos.

Mongrel Makeover Dog Groomer

Location: 234 Alderson Avenue
Billings, MT 59101

Contact Number: (406) 598-6148

Mongrel Makeover Dog Groomer is one of the best high-quality groomers in Billings, Montana.

This shop is committed to canine customer care and comfort.

Try their professional pet bathing, professional full pet grooming, and more.

Central Bark Grooming & Dog Wash

Location: 2438 W Central Ave Missoula, Montana 59801

Contact Number: (406) 493-1966

Last on the list of the best pet groomers in Montana, we have Central Bark Grooming & Dog Wash in Missoula, Montana.

Their services include a self-service dog wash, professional full-service grooming, and stand-alone services such as nail trimming, grinding, toothbrushing, ear cleaning, and more.

Best Animal Hospitals in Montana

Best Veterinarians and Animal Hospital in Montana

Unfortunately, there are occurrences when our dogs get sick too. And if you're in a new place, finding the right vet for you will be hard.

But don't worry because we have a few suggestions below on the best vets or animal hospitals in Montana.

The Animal Hospital

Location: 1110 Main St, Billings, MT, 59105

Contact Number: (406) 245-6131

The Animal Hospital in Billings, Montana, is a family-run business. Their goal is to treat each pet as if their own.

They have been providing top-notch veterinary care in the Billings area since 1975.

They offer dentistry, diet, nutrition, parasite control, preventive care, vaccinations, microchipping, diagnostics, and more.

Blue Mountain Veterinary

Location: 4646 Buckhouse Lane
Missoula MT 59804

Contact Number: 406-251-4150

Secondly, we have Blue Mountain Veterinary for pet owners relocating to Missoula, Montana.

This animal hospital can be your next contact for all your pet's health needs.

They offer many services like dental care, dermatologic care, heartworm prevention, vaccinations, boarding, preventive medicine, radiology, and more.

Big Sky Animal Medical Center

Location: 5101 North Star Blvd, Great Falls, MT, 59405

Contact Number: (406) 761-8387

If you're new to Great Falls, visit Big Sky Animal Medical Center on North Star Blvd. This animal hospital is equipped to perform multiple surgeries.

They also have parasite control, dental care, preventive care, CT scan, endoscopy, ultrasounds, and more.

Countryside Animal Clinic

Location: 15 Miranda Dr,
Kalispell, MT 59901

Contact Number: 406-752-7387

Established in 1994, Countryside Animal Clinic is one of the best hospitals that offers full-service veterinary care.

They offer wellness and general exams, vaccinations, emergency and critical care, dentistry, and surgery.

WellHaven Bozeman Pet Hospital

Location: 216 N 8th Ave.
Bozeman, MT 59715

Contact Number: 406-587-2946

Last on our list is WellHaven Bozeman Pet Hospital. They aim to provide the best quality of compassionate veterinary care.

They are also fully outfitted to handle most pet owners' veterinary care needs.

Their services include annual exams, preventive care, internal medicine, dental care, nutritional counseling, emergency care, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Montana a dog-friendly state?

If you're looking to bring Fido along on your next trip, Western Montana is a great place for you to visit.

The place is packed with plenty of pet-friendly activities that you and your pooch can enjoy.

If you're fond of hiking trails and sparkling waters, this is the state to be.

Do Montana state parks allow dogs?

Yes, most Montana state parks allow dogs in their parks. However, they have a strict rule of keeping them on a leash at all times.

On the other hand, there are plenty of dog parks scattered all over Montana that are worth visiting.

RELATED READ: Dog Park Rules and Regulations: What You Need To Know

What happens if my dog bites someone in Montana?

The owner of the dog is liable for any damages when a dog bites someone or something in Montana, regardless of whether or not the owner was aware of the dog's attack.

Montana Dog

Montana Pet Stores, Dog Parks, Grooming, And More: Summary

If you're planning to relocate to Montana or you're a long-time resident here, this blog can be your ultimate guide to help you where to find the best pet essentials in the area.

We've compiled everything you'll need—from the best Montana pet stores to vets and animal hospitals.

Moving to a new state can be quite a hassle for pet owners. That's because we're leaving every constant thing we know in our town.

All our trusted stores and groomers are long and far gone.

When moving to a new state first, we don't know where to buy dog food, where to go for grooming, where to go for a walk, or where to go when Fido gets sick.

That's why we've created this list of the best of the best Montana pet stores that you should check out.

If you don't own a pet, we can still help you. We've gathered a list of the best dog rescues or adoption centers that you can check out.

And if you're new to being a dog owner, you can consult a few of Montana's most excellent dog trainers.

If your dog gets sick, you can look into this blog and try and contact a few of the best animal hospitals in Montana.


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