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Moving to a new or unfamiliar state can be challenging, especially for pet owners.

If you're moving to the Show-Me State, we've got you covered with the best Missouri pet stores, dog parks, pet groomers, and more.

If you're traveling to Missouri, there's no need to worry because we're here for you. This article will discuss everything about pet essentials in Missouri.

Relocating to a new house is not just challenging for us but also for our dogs.

A new place means finding new pet stores, groomers, dog parks, and more.

Every store, groomer, and vet you trust is far from you. Finding these excellent pet necessities can be quite a nuisance.

Below, we'll discuss everything about pet essentials in Missouri—from the best pet stores to shop into the most trusted veterinary clinics in your area.

Our dogs deserve the best quality regarding food, safety, and health-wise.

Since they've always been great pets, it's time to reciprocate these by giving them the finest treatment possible.

We'll tackle Missouri's best dog rescues or adoption centers if you don't own a pet.

We've got you covered on everything dog essentials to make your relocation as smooth as possible.

Without further ado, let's talk about where you can get the highest-quality dog foods in the area.

Let's dive deeper into the best pet stores in Missouri.

Best Pet Stores in Missouri

Best Pet Stores in Missouri

With this list, you'll never run out of dog foods, new treats, or toys. All you have to do is visit some pet stores listed below.

Take note that these lists are not in a particular order. Let's start things off with the best Missouri Pet Stores list:

Four Muddy Paws

Location:1711 Park Ave, St. Louis, MO 63104, United States

Contact Number: 314-773-7297

First on our list of the best pet stores in Missouri we have Four Muddy Paws.

Four Muddy Paws can be your new favorite shopping store for healthy and nutritious dog foods in St. Louis, MO. They offer high-quality food, treats, and pet accessories.

Moreover, if your dog needs a quick wash, they offer self-service dog washes and professional grooming.

Fetch Pet Supplies

Location: 1332A E Republic Road
Springfield, MO 65804

Contact Number: 417-368-1295

Next, we have Fetch Pet Supplies, a locally-owned pet shop. They are pet friendly and love to help pet owners in the area.

Like the one above, they also offer self-service dog wash, including an apron, shampoo, towels, and a professional hair dryer.

Tail Waggin’ PetStop

Location: 1818 Wyandotte St, Kansas City, MO 64108, United States

Contact Number: 816-255-2625

Tail Waggin' PetShop is filled with awesome pet products and friendly staff. This locally-owned, independent pet shop offers the best Midwestern hospitality.

They offer pet food, treats, accessories, and other locally-made products.


Location: 3528 NE Vivion Road, Kansas City, MO, United States, Missouri

Contact Number: 816-437-8613

In Pet-Topia, they cater to different kinds of pets, not just dogs and cats. They have pet products for birds, fish, and reptiles.

Located in Kansas City, if you're looking for accessories, food, and other pet supplies, they got it all right here.

Columbia Pet Center

Location: 407 Business Loop 70 E, Columbia, MO, United States, Missouri

Contact Number: 573-499-4536

Last on our list of the best pet stores in Missouri we have Columbia Pet Center.

This pet store specializes in fish, birds, reptiles, and other small animals, such as hamsters and chinchillas.

But don't worry; they also sell food and accessories for dogs and cats.

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Best Dog Rescues in Missouri

But these Missouri pet stores mentioned above mean nothing if you don't own a dog or a pet.

If you're relocating to or you're from Missouri, and you don't have a dog but want one, we can still assist you.

We've gathered a short list of the best dog rescues or organizations in Missouri where you can adopt your new best friend.

Always remember to adopt rather than shopping for a pet is best. Try out these shelters and dog rescue to help save a pup's life.

Stray Rescue of St. Louis

Location: 2320 PINE STREET
ST. LOUIS, MO 63103

Contact Number: 314.771.6121

Founded in 1998, Stray Rescue of St. Louis aimed to make St. Louis a more dog-friendly place.

This rescue group saves abandoned dogs, neglected dogs, fight dogs, and more.

Their goal is to give these dogs another chance at a better life. You can check out their adoptable dogs here.

Castaway Animals Rescue Effort

Location: 1328 W Sunshine St
Springfield, MO 65807

Contact Number: 417-875-6565

Located in Springfield, Missouri, Castaway Animals Rescue Effort, or C.A.R.E., is a nonprofit organization committed to eliminating animal cruelty in southwest Missouri.

This group is committed to improving the lives of rescued animals through adoption services and medical care if needed. You can check out their available pets here.

Midwest Animal ResQ

Location: Midwest Animal ResQ
10312 East 63rd St
Raytown, MO 64133

Contact Number: (816) 919 – 1DOG (364)

Founded in 2009, Midwest Animal ResQ (MARQ) was just a small foster-based rescue group that aims to save dogs from inhumane conditions.

They mostly save dogs from large breeding facilities where they are abused and not cared for properly.

But they also rescue abandoned dogs which they will provide care and rehabilitation until they find their forever homes.

You can see their adoptable dogs here.

KC Pet Project

Location: 7077 Elmwood Ave.
Kansas City, MO 64132

Contact Number: 816-683-1383

KC Pet Project is a nonprofit animal shelter based in Kansas City. They are involved in rescue procedures, playgroups, transfer assistance, and other animal support services.

Once the KC Pet Project rescues a pup, it will be placed in a no-kill shelter until they find its new family. You can check out their adoptable dogs here.

Humane Society of Missouri

Location: 1201 Macklind Avenue
St. Louis, MO 63110

Contact Number: 314.647.8800

If you want experience, you can't go wrong with the Humane Society of Missouri. Founded in 1870, they have been rescuing animals all over St. Louis for over 150 years.

They have a long history of saving abused, abandoned, and neglected animals and the area.

They provide care and are committed to giving them a second chance.

You can see their adoptable pets here.

LATEST NEWS: Humane Society of Missouri Rescues 41 Dogs From Hoarder Conditions

Best Dog Parks in Missouri

Best Dog Parks in Missouri

Choosing the best dog park for your pup is not as easy as it seems.

A perfect dog park is a safe place where your doggie can wander around freely without any worry.

If you're new to Missouri, we've compiled a short list of the best and most secured dog parks you can take Fido to.

Waggin’ Trail Off-Leash Dog Park

Location: NE 32nd and Swift, North Kansas City

First, we have Waggin' Trail Off-Leash Dog Park in North Kansas City. It is open from 6 AM to sunset.

It has a separate area for small dogs, which is around .98 acres. On the other hand, the large dog area is about 2.68 acres.

The park features a walking trail, benches, water fountains, an agility course, and three tunnel runs.

Swope Park Off-Leash Dog Park

Location: 5051 E. Gregory Boulevard, Kansas City

If you're moving to Kansas City, you and Fido should check out Swope Park Off-Leash Dog Park.

Opened in 2012, this dog park is open from 5 AM to midnight every day.

This five-acre park is divided into two separate areas for small and large dogs. The rest of the space is open to big dogs.

Southwest City Dog Park

Location: 7351 Hampton Ave, St. Louis, MO 63109, United States

Southwest City Dog Park, or SWCDP, in Willmore Park is one of the oldest and biggest dog parks in St. Louis.

It offers 1.1 acres of fenced-in land where your pup can roam around freely and socialize with other dogs and people.

SWCDP also features water stations, benches, trees, and swimming pools for dogs.

However, the park is open for members only. Check out their page to fill out an application form.

Garth Nature Area Dog Park

Location: 2799 N Garth Ave, Columbia, MO 65202, United States

If you're moving to Columbia, Missouri, check out Garth Nature Area dog park.

It has a designated off-leash area, which is fully enclosed. They have picnic tables and a pond.

Keep in mind that you have to be responsible for your dog all the time and leash your dog when entering and leaving the park.

Cruse Dog Park

Location: 1069 S. Wabash Ave.
Springfield, MO 65807

Opened in 2008, Cruse Dog Park is one of the first, if not the first off-leash dog park in Springfield, Missouri.

It features a 4.5-acre section for large dogs and a 1.5-acre section for small dogs.

It is open from sunrise to sunset.

bichon frise running agility course best dog breeds for agility training

Puppy Training in Missouri

If you're a long-time dog owner, you know that training is crucial and essential for dogs.

You wouldn't want your pup to develop behavior problems in the future, don't you?

Choosing a dog trainer is not a difficult task. You should not just choose someone that has plenty of reviews.

Choose one that you know your dog is secure and can help you reach the best results.

If you're in a new area, it would be difficult for you to narrow these puppy trainers down.

Below, we've gathered a quick list of the best puppy trainers in Missouri.

Springfield Side Kick Dog Training

Location: 2150 State Hwy NN, Ozark, MO 65721, United States

Contact Number: 417-425-5944

In Springfield Side Kick Dog Training, trainers use positive training techniques to guarantee success.

Their staff is filled with certified professional dog trainers who have dealt with pets of all breeds and sizes.

They offer plenty of courses, such as Positively Puppies. It is a six-week class that uses positive reinforcement and clickers to teach basic cues.

However, if you want to enroll your puppy in this class, your pup must have its first two rounds of shots.

Ann Gafke’s Teacher’s Pet

Location: 325 E. Dripping Springs Rd, Columbia, MO 65202

Contact Number: (573) 443-0716

If your dog is suffering from behavioral problems, contact Ann Gafke's Teacher's Pet.

They can help fix dogs with housebreaking, digging, chewing, and household problems.

If you want experience, Ann has been training dogs for over 50 years.

They also offer the jumpstart training course offered in private or a small group setting, board and train, therapy programs, drill team, and consultation.

Howies Happy Dog Training And Development, LLC

Contact Number: (573) 746-9300

Howie's Happy Dog Training and Development, LLC is a professional dog training and development company in Missouri.

With a passion for dogs and a commitment to their well-being, Howie's Happy Dog Training and Development offers a range of services to help dogs and their owners build a strong bond and achieve obedience and behavioral goals.

Beyond The Dog

Location: 121 W 63rd St Suite 207, Kansas City, MO 64113, United States

Contact Number: 913-514-4930

Beyond The Dog is a reputable dog training and behavior consulting company located in Kansas City.

They utilize a science-based and positive reinforcement approach to training, focusing on building trust, understanding, and clear communication between dogs and their owners.

Newman’s Dog Training

Contact Number: 816-769-3631

If you're moving to Kansas City, contact Newman's Dog Training. Owner Jena Newman has been training dogs since 2008.

She has also worked with sea lions, elephants, gorillas, and dogs.

The training programs offered by Newman's Dog Training cover a wide range of topics, including basic obedience, advanced obedience, leash manners, socialization, and behavioral problem-solving.

Best Pet Groomers in Kansas

Best Pet Groomers in Missouri

If you're a long-time dog owner, you'd know that grooming is also one of the essential things that a dog needs. It can help maintain your dog's cleanliness and aesthetics.

Also, dog grooming can lower the risks of other potential health issues.

If you're moving to Missouri and don't know where to go for grooming, you can visit some of the best dog groomers below:

Dapper Dog

Location: 121 W 63rd St Suite 207, Kansas City, MO 64113, United States

Contact Number: 913-514-4930

The Dapper Dog team has over 40 years of experience in the dog grooming business. Opened in 2014, owner Deanna has been running her own grooming salon for 25 years.

They offer haircuts, baths, spa services, conditioning treatments, and more.

Doggie Styles

Location: 755 State Hwy 47
Union, MO 63084, USA

Contact Number: (636) 584-0055

If you're relocating to Union, MO, visit Doggie Styles for your dog's grooming needs. Here, they offer natural shampoos and conditioners and medicated treatment.

They offer spa services, flea control, pet styling, and more!

North County Pet Grooming

Location: 4405 N Us Highway 67
Florissant, MO. 63034

Contact Number: (314) 741-1889

North County Pet Grooming is a trusted and professional pet grooming salon in Florissant, Missouri.

They have been serving and providing high-quality grooming all over the area for over 20 years.

They offer bath, brush, blow dry, glands expressed, ear cleaning, nail clipping, and more.

A Dog's Place

Location: 246 State Highway C, Unit C, Peculiar, MO, United States, Missouri

Contact Number: 816-288-1319

If you're moving to Peculiar, Missouri, look for A Dog's Place on State Highway C.

They offer dental spray, teeth brushing, nail painting, haircuts, baths, nail trimming, and more.

Salon Dog

Location: 8502 Manchester Rd.
Brentwood, MO 63144

Contact Number: (314) 961-3999

Established in 2012, Salon Dog is located in Brentwood, Missouri.

They offer deep conditioning treatments, anal gland cleaning, beard trim, ear cleanings, flea bath treatments, nail grindings, and more.

They accept payment through American Express, Cash, Check, MasterCard, or Visa.

Dog vomit treatment at the vet

Best Veterinarians and Animal Hospital in Missouri

Sadly, there are occasions when our dogs get sick too. And if you're in a new state, finding the right vet for you will be hard.

But don't worry because we have a few suggestions below on the best vets or animal hospitals in Missouri.

Advantage Veterinary Center

Location: 322 Emerson Road
High Ridge, MO 63049

Contact Number: (636) 677-9790

Located in High Ridge, MO, Advantage Veterinary Center can be your next go-to clinic.

They understand the importance of the human-animal bond and seek to provide the best care and treatment for your pets.

Their facility is well-equipped with the latest technology, and their experienced staff is passionate about helping animals.

Strafford Veterinary Clinic

Location: 609 West Evergreen
Strafford, MO 65757

Contact Number: (417) 736-3131

Established in 1997, Strafford Veterinary Clinic has been serving pet owners all over Strafford with the best quality health treatment.

They offer dental care, digital radiograph, dermatology, intensive care unit, microchipping, surgery, ultrasound, and more.

Crysler Animal Hospital

Location: 12440 E US Hwy 40
Independence, MO 64055

Contact Number: 816-358-2857

Crysler Animal Hospital is filled with friendly and professional staff.

Their team is also composed of experienced doctors who are dedicated to providing top-notch pet care.

They offer full-service vet care, preventative care, diagnostic care, surgical services, and more.

Harvester Animal Clinic

Location: 1375 Triad Center Drive, St. Peters, MO 63376

Contact Number: (636) 447-3565

Harvester Animal Clinic can be your next contact for veterinary needs in St. Peters, Missouri.

They promote the human-animal bond by providing a compassionate and relaxing environment.

They offer preventative care such as wellness exams, microchipping, vaccinations, and nutritional counseling. Moreover, they also offer dental care, surgery, and more.

Quail Valley Veterinary Clinic

Location: 4800 Route C
Jefferson City, MO 65109

Contact Number: (573) 893-8621

Quail Valley Veterinary Clinic provides top-notch quality and affordable pet health care and wellness services in the Jefferson City area.

They have dental care, surgical procedures, preventative care, microchipping, boarding, and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Missouri require a pet health certificate?

If you're relocating to Missouri, all dogs and cats must be accompanied by a Certificate of Veterinary Inspection.

How much is a dog license in Missouri?

One-year pet licenses are $10, and three-year pet licenses are $27.

Remember that your pet's license should be on its collar to help ensure that the owner will be informed if the pet is impounded.

How many pets can you have in Missouri?

While there are no state-wide restrictions on the number of dogs a person can own in Missouri, several local governments and counties do place restrictions on individuals in accordance with zoning rules.

For instance, the majority of municipalities only allow a total of four dogs per household.

Missouri Dog

Missouri Pet Stores, Dog Parks, Grooming, And More: Summary

If you're prepping to move to Missouri or you're from here, we've created the best pet essentials for you.

We've compiled everything you'll need—from the best Missouri pet stores to vets and animal hospitals.

Moving to a new place can be quite a nuisance for pet owners. That's because we're leaving every consistent thing we know in our town.

When moving to a new state, at first, we don't know where to buy dog food, where to go for grooming, or where to go for a walk.

That's why we've gathered a list of the best of the best Missouri pet stores that you should visit.

This article can be your ultimate guide through the streets of Missouri with your dog.

Moreover, if you don't own a dog yet, we can still help you out. We've got a list of the best dog rescues or adoption centers that you can check out.

And if you're new to being a dog owner, you can consult a few of the best and most excellent dog trainers in Missouri.

If your dog gets sick, you can look into this blog and try and contact a few of the best animal hospitals in Missouri.


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