Dogs That Nest Will Love the Nuzzle Lounger

My dog loves to nest. We have to keep her off our bed and our couch because she's ripped so many cushions and blankets with all her scratching! Now we put a couple of blankets on top of her standard dog bed so she has something to nest and nuzzle into, but a dog bed, like this Nuzzle Lounger dog bed from Petmate, may be just what we need.

The Nuzzle Lounger indulges your dog's natural instinct to burrow and dig. The gathered plush fabric on the inside of this dog bed is specifically designed for pets to scratch and burrow into without ripping and tearing the material. Although this bed is well made, it is meant for pets that nest for comfort purposes, not aggressive chewers and scratchers.

This dog bed offers outer bolsters that provide the privacy that most nesting dogs enjoy. However, these bolsters are also low enough that your dog (even a small breed) can peek over the top in case she feels like she is missing out on some fun or she just needs to check and see where you are for reassurance.

The bolster material is made of a soft velvety velour, and the actual bed pad is covered with a faux sheerling material to provide luxurious comfort and a soft, warm place for your pet to rest and relax. These dog beds are also filled with recycled high-loft polyester fill, which is very soft for added comfort.

The bottom of the Nuzzle Lounger is covered with small rubber bumps that provide an anti-slip layer, which is very beneficial to older dogs and dogs like mine who are terrified of their own shadow and would jump out of their skin if their bed slid around while they were trying to nest. It comes in three sizes which will accommodate most dogs, but not the extra large breeds.

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