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23 Dogs You Will Find at a Pool Pawty


1The womanizer who tries to impress the ladies.

Via earthporm.com

2And the goofus who does just the opposite.

Via funnyjunk.com

3The guy who comes here just to chill and get some tan.

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4And the guy who has the most fun.

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5But also the one who is too afraid to go on a slide.

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6Or a fearful puppy who just doesn’t know what to do in the water.

Via annarbor.com

7Or maybe too drunk to be able to swim.

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8The one who still needs his toy to feel safe in the pool.

Via talbothumane.org

9And the small ones with special needs.

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10And the one who thinks the water is too cold.

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11The Proud One that shows off his jumping skills in front of the whole audience.

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12And the couple who gets lovey-dovey in a corner.

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13And the one who is so eager that forgets to wait for his sweetheart.

Via liftbump.com

14He who is just posing for Woofstock!

Via digmydog.org

15And these fashionable divas!

Via amcny.wordpress.com

16And this guy who loves to jump from the diving board.

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17These two buddies who try all kinds of pool trick jumps.

Via rigolus.com

18And this fella who feels so good and is genuinely happy.

Via rigolus.com

19Versus one grumpy boxer who just had enough of this water nonsense.

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20And this lad who found the best way to cool off.

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21And this guy who blows bubbles underwater.

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22The one who can barely contain his excitement and makes a flashy entrance: „Pool, here I cooooome, whooop!”

Via Reddit.com

23And the complaining one whenever people pass by.

Via fiz-x.com

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