DoodyCalls Franchise Expanding with the Help of Independent Entrepreneurs

Dog waste is an issue for all pet owners and not everyone has the time or the desire to clean it up themselves. So what do you do if you have a yard full of dog doo and no one to pick it up? You call a dog waste removal company of course, and DoodyCalls is one of the fastest growing waste removal companies in the country.

One franchise owner, Jack Sheehy, goes by the motto “business stinks, but it’s picking up,” and he must be right because many independent entrepreneurs are getting in on the waste removal business.

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The company claims to be number one in the number two industry. As you can see they take their business and their work seriously, but they also understand that there are a lot of jokes to be made.

DoodyCalls was founded in 2000 and offers year-round pet waste disposal. In 2004 they expanded to create the first ever national pet waste management franchise of its kind.

DoodyCalls Franchise Expanding with the Help of Independent Entrepreneurs

Although people may not have taken the company seriously in the beginning, franchises have begun to pop up all over the country. DoodyCalls comes to the rescue when no one in your home wants to clean up after the dog. A friendly, uniformed, fully insured scooper will show up at your house once a week, or every other week, and clean all the dog waste in your yard.

The company also provides a deodorizing service that makes enjoying the outdoors much more pleasant. They offer litter box cleaning and waste station set up and maintenance for cities and towns as well.

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Most dog owners also have brown spots on their lawn. This is caused by the nitrogen in dog urine that kills the grass. DoodyCalls offers a treatment that will fertilize those areas and help turn the grass green again.

The company has also created the Doody-Free Water Project, which is a special initiative that is building a movement for pet waste clean-up around the United States. The project works with communities to raise environmental awareness and educate dog owners about the impact of pet waste on the earth and its natural water sources.

The Doody-Free Water Project also works to expand access to pet waste disposal bags in cities and towns around the country. Last year they donated 250,000 dog waste bags to parks and greenways in need. Dog owners can find a franchise near them on the company’s website.

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