The Fifth Paw Eliminates the Need to Hold Full Bags of Dog Waste


The worst part of picking up after your dog is the fact that you have to hold on to the bag until you find a place to dispose of it, or until you return home. The Fifth Paw allows owners to secure full bags to their dogs leash so they no longer have to hold on to it themselves.

As you can see in the video, the device is easy to install on a leash and, thanks to gravity, it rolls with it so the bags don't get tangled around the leash. It has two different slots so it can fit many different leash sizes and has space to hold up to three bags of waste.

With The Fifth Paw, dog walkers and owners now have a more sanitary way to carry their dog's poo.


  1. We love the Fifth Paw! We had the opportunity to test it out after visiting last years Total Pet Expo in Chicago and have been using it ever since. Our dogs always seem to wait until we are furthest from a trash can to do their business and now we don’t have to carry a poo bag for miles!


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