The DOOG Stick Family is an Adorable and Funny Line of Dog Toys

These dog toys from DOOG are safer than real sticks and a lot more fun. Real sticks can give you and your dog splinters, not to mention swallowing parts of a stick can be harmful to your dog's digestive system. These rubber-like sticks are great for a fun game of fetch and they'll stand up to light chewing as well, but they are not recommended for tough chewers.

The Original Stick Family dog toys are made from recycled materials, have glow in the dark eyes, and float in water. Each dog toy also comes with a built in hand grip and a rope for flinging.

DOOG also has a line of Super Sticks which have been designed as a tougher version of the original Stick Family. They are made from durable, natural rubber, and are a much better option if you have a pup that likes to chew. They have all the same features of the original sticks, but they DO NOT float in water.

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