The dooup is a Complete Pet Waste System


Cleaning up after your dog is not a pleasant experience for anyone. It's messy, unhygienic, and it stinks. Pooper scoopers make the job easier, but they can still leave a mess behind and they don't help with the smell. The dooup is a complete pet waste system that cleans the mess and disinfects the area.

This is the only 5 in 1 pooper scooper on the market, and it contains a unique, patent pending ‘scoop-flush technology’ which works to clear the waste while simultaneously spraying a garden and animal friendly sanitizing fluid over the affected area. The waste is put into a small storage area on the back of the device that holds 1 weeks worth of waste for a small dog or 3-5 days worth for a large dog.

With the simple push of a button, the storage bin comes apart and the bag of dog waste is sealed away in a biodegradable bag. The dooup allows you to clean up after your dog without fumbling with poo bags or having to pick up the mess with your hands.