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Double Wide Grill in Pittsburgh Will Serve to Your Canine Companion

We all know that more dog owners are looking at their pets as furry family members these days. Many dog owners bring their pets in the car with them, on vacation, and some even bring their dogs to work. But did you know that bringing dogs out to eat is quickly becoming a new trend? That’s why one restaurant outside Pittsburgh, PA has created its own dog-friendly menu.

Ryan Moore, director of events and operations at Double Wide Grill, says that the business went through a complicated procedure to create a separate dog-friendly patio for patrons of their establishment who wished to bring their dogs with them.

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They had to do this because the Allegheny County Health Department, much like many other health departments, doesn’t allow live animals in a restaurant’s operational area or any adjacent area inside the building; except for service animals, of course.

Moore believes that by doing this, Double Wide Grill has become a destination for many pet owners who hate to leave their dogs at home. The dog-friendly menu includes a beef patty, chicken breast, organic dog biscuits, and even tofu in case your pooch is a vegetarian.

The Double Wide Grill in Pittsburgh Serves Canine Companions Too
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Moore says that the staff and most of the patrons of the restaurant are dog people. His 6-year-old lab/boxer rescue even goes to work with him and hangs out in his office. In fact, the Double Wide Grill will close 24th Street in Pittsburgh on the 28th of June for their third annual Lucky’s South Side Dog Festival. The festivities will include games like a dog/owner look-alike contest and a contest to find the furriest human.

Dog-friendly restaurants are becoming more popular in the United States with establishments popping up all over the country including the Barking Dog Luncheonette in New York, The Lazy Dog Café in California, The Dog Bar in North Carolina, and The Lucky Lab Brewery in Oregon.

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In order for owners to bring their dogs to places like the Double Wide Grill they must be sure that their canine is well-behaved around other people, especially children. Dogs must also be on a leash and cannot wander around socializing with other diners or pestering employees.

If you bring your dog to a restaurant, you should also remember to keep them close to your table and out of the walking path of other guests or wait staff.  You should attach the leash to your chair and not the table to prevent a big disaster if the dog decides to pull on his leash.

SOURCEPittsburgh City Paper
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