Dry Buddies Pet Towel Prevents After Bath Mess

All dog owners become infuriated when their wet dog shakes and throws water all over them and the house. Even more annoying is the tracking of mud through the house by dirty dog paws. The new Dry Buddies towel prevents all of this mess.

As you can see in the video, the Dry Buddies towel slips over your dog’s head and completely covers their entire body, including their legs and paws. When your dog shakes, the water stays inside the towel and doesn’t fling onto your clothes all over your house. If the dog comes in with muddy paws, you can simple throw the Dry Buddies towel over him and it will dry his feet before he runs through the house.

Right now the Dry Buddy is only available in two sizes; the “Little Buddy” is for dogs 25 pounds and under and the “Big Buddy” is good for dogs up to 75 pounds.

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