Review: Duke-N-Boots Pet Food Scoop

Buying dog food in bulk saves money, but you must ensure it's stored properly.

Pet food storage isn't just about the container you use; you'll need a scoop, like this pet food scoop from Duke-N-Boots.

Did you know dry dog food products lose nutrients over time if they aren't stored properly?

Many commercial pet foods already lack nutrients, so you want to ensure that you don't lose any more due to improper storage.

If you feed dry kibble, you'll need to find a storage container that is easy for you to access but difficult for your pup to get into.

You'll also need to ensure that the container can hold the amount of dog food you purchase once.

In my video review above, you'll see that we buy our dog food in 25-pound bags, and I have a pet food storage container that holds just that amount.

The container featured in my video is from IRIS, and I've done a product review on it here.

Whether you buy a storage container or make a DIY container for your pet's extra kibble, you'll need a scoop to easily transfer food from the container to your pet's dish.

Duke-N-Boots Pet Food Scoop Review

Duke-N-Boots Pet Food Scoop

There are dozens of basic pet food scoop products on the market. They're all the same – a small scoop made from metal, plastic, or wood.

This scoop from Duke-N-Boots is unique and very versatile. I love this product so much that we've purchased many of them around our house.

I have one in our dog food and cat food storage bins, one in the large flour and sugar bins in our kitchen (I do a lot of baking), and one in our wood pellet storage bin that we use to fill our pellet stove in the winter months.

It is ergonomically designed and features an angled handle to keep your hands from touching your pet's dinner.

The patented design holds up to 2 cups of dry dog food.

As you will see in my video review, a simple push of the button releases the scoop's false bottom, allowing you to drop your pet’s food into his dish.

This makes feeding your pets easy and mess-free.

My favorite thing about this scoop is how easy it is for kids to use. Our kids have chores, and one of those chores is feeding the animals.

With this scoop, they can easily measure the right amount of food for each dog and release it into the correct bowl without spilling the kibble all over the floor.

So, it's fairly obvious that I'm impressed with this product. We've been using it for months, and the quality is great.

Not only do we use it all the time, but I've bought five of these pet food scoops to give as gifts!

They make a perfect gift for the pet owner who has everything, and at $14.97, they are affordable on any budget!

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