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4 Easy Hacks To Calm A Hyper Dog

Some dog breeds are naturally more hyperactive than others. Sometimes dogs have extra energy when they haven't been as active as they normally are. These 4 easy hacks to calm a hyper dog will work no matter how much energy your pooch has.

Hyperactivity can actually be a very dangerous thing. Dogs with an excess of pent up energy can injure themselves by jumping around, running through unsafe areas and just generally fooling around when they shouldn't be. Hyper active dogs may try to entertain themselves by chewing on things or getting into dangerous items around your home.

Hyperactive dogs are emotionally aroused by all stimuli. Research even shows that these dogs remain at a high level of arousal even after removal of the stimuli. Hyperactive dogs cannot help themselves. They can't control their energy level, so it's nothing for you to get angry about.

No one wants to be the owner of “that dog.” You know, the one that friends and family cringe about when he shows up; the one who other pet parents dread see coming into the dog park. Using these easy hacks to calm a hyper dog will not only make your dog more popular, it will also make your life much easier.

4 Easy Hacks To Calm A Hyper Dog

hacks to calm a hyper dog

1. Take daily walks

…multiple times each day, if possible! Even if you have a large yard, your dog gets used to the smells and sights of the area. Going on a walk will allow your pet some time to explore a new environment.

Going on daily walks through different areas of your neighborhood will allow Fido to discover new sights, new sounds and new smells. It’s not only physically exhausting, it’s mentally stimulating to help exhaust your dog's brain too.

2. Training

Even if your dog already knows basic commands, there are a lot of different types of training that the two of you could do together. Nose work, agility training and trick training are all great options that will help to calm your dog and foster the bond between the two of you.

Check out some examples and tips on different training methods in these articles:

3. Socialization

Your dog may be hyperactive when he is around only you because he’s bored and lonely. If you have the opportunity to socialize your dog with other people and/or pets, do it. Playing with other dogs or people will also be mentally and physically exhausting for your pet.

4. Stimulate Your Dog’s Mind

There are different ways to stimulate your dog’s mind. Your dog will enjoy any activity that stimulates his mind. Most pet owners enjoy tug-of-war, fetch and other games that get their pooch up and moving.

Unlike people, dogs don't care what activity they're doing. As long as the game is fun and stimulating, your pooch won't care if he's up and active or sitting stationary while using a toy. Whether it's dog training, puzzle solving, playing with an interactive toy or a game of fetch, your pup is going to have fun. Better yet, stimulating his mind will exhaust your hyper pooch mentally, which will greatly help in reducing his excess energy.

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