The trend towards sustainability and the care of environment in manufacturing is finally extending to dog supplies. Today, there is a wide range of pet products, dog clothing and accessories for dogs that meet the eco-friendly requirements.

What Are Eco-friendly Dog Products?

The main factor in the production of eco-friendly organic dog products is sustainability and how that product fits within our environment. Unlike most pet supplies where lower costs or production times are a priority, eco-friendly dog supplies are focused on keeping the environment clean, and their subsequent recycling after their use.

An eco-friendly pet product must meet one or more of the following characteristics:

  • reduced carbon footprintWhat Are Eco-friendly Dog Products
  • free of toxic components
  • conservation of energy
  • does not pollute the environment
  • biodegradability
  • effectively recyclable, or made with recycled materials
  • optional: use of organic materials

When shopping for eco-friendly dog products, look at the materials used. They should not include synthetic ingredients in their composition. Since their components are organic, they are created and destroyed by nature; the decomposition process becomes part of the life cycle of the product. When organic matter is decomposed, it returns energy and materials back into nature, generating more energy and more organic materials.

Most biodegradable dog supplies and their materials have a natural origin, and are typically of organic nature. The most common materials are wood, straw, cardboard, seeds, paper, natural fabrics (cotton, wool, silk, linen), beeswax, leaves, mud and ceramics, among others.

In addition to the materials, the manufacturing process must respect certain guidelines such as minimizing the use of natural resources and generation of toxic materials, waste and polluting emissions. Eco-friendly manufacturing attempts to reduce health risks and environmental impact. The waste may serve as a fertilizer for new trees to grow, or as food for insects or other animals, too.

Most Eco Friendly Dog Products

Most Eco Friendly Dog Products

Eco Friendly Dog Beds

A number of dog bed manufacturers have recently started releasing eco-friendly versions of their pet furniture, as well as accessories for dogs beds such as blankets and covers. For the materials, they may be using recycled things like plastic water bottles, and organic fiber stuffing. Many eco friendly dog beds will also be hypoallergenic for pups and their owners.

Not all companies will sell their environmentally friendly pet beds on Amazon or Chewy, but you can still order them from their websites (except that it'll be more expensive). For example, Muttropolis is known for their eco friendly dog supplies, including beds. West Paw Design also makes eco friendly dog beds with their patented IntelliLoft stuffing.

Other well-known dog supplies companies that are primarily focused on keeping the environment clean are Greener Pup, Hemp Organic Life, Harry Baker and P.L.A.Y. These manufacturers will use recycled bottles, organic fiber stuffing and other materials that could be naturally disposed of, or easy to recycle.

Some of our favorite eco-friendly dog beds and blankets:


Organic Dog Foods and Treats

Organic dog treats and other food items for pets are now widely available, meeting at least some of the sustainability and USDA's organic requirements. They must have been produced without pesticides, petroleum-derived fertilizers, other chemical treatments and genetic modification. Products of animal origin such as meat, dairy products and eggs should come from animals that are not treated with hormones or antibiotics.

Organic dog foods are not only zero waste but may be healthier for pets too. As a result, some of the best eco friendly dog foods may be more effective at improving a dog's immune system, providing long-term vitality and help pets avoid unfavorable reactions to chemicals and toxins found in some other non-environmentally friendly dog foods and treats.

For eco friendly dog treats and supplements, Americans have companies like Pet Honesty that are focused on the environment. Australians should look into an all-green company called Biome which manufactures zero waste treats, foods and other pet products.

The best organic dog foods and treats that are environmentally-friendly:


Eco Friendly Dog Poop Bags

There are several brands of dog poop bags that are already working with environmentally friendly materials to discard your pet's poop. Their bags are made from recyclable and biodegradable materials that also use paper for the packaging that contains them. Among the best manufacturers, BioBag has a great reputation (read more about their zero waste environmental policy here).

These bags are resistant to spills and leaks, they can be removed quickly from the roll, they can be easily opened and do not stick together. Some are scented which is practical for pet owners that have to walk back a few blocks to get home. With some companies, like the iPoopPicker, you can even order a monthly service of organic poop bags.

Biodegradable dog poop bags may include a handy poop bag holder to pick up your pet's waste until you get to a trash can, and some of them come with small scoop or other tools to pick up dog waste without getting your hands dirty.

Here are some of our favorite eco-friendly dog poop bags:


Eco Friendly Dog Toys

Dog toys are one of the most popular pet products that owners purchase, but it also used to be very difficult to find environmentally friendly choices among these. In fact, a huge majority of dog toys would be manufactured in China, with little to no supervision and use of toxic and dangerous ingredients. Nowadays, things have changed, and many USA made foods and chew toys are now also eco-friendly.

For example, some of the best eco friendly dog toys that are also healthier and non-toxic to pets are made of bamboo or hemp. They're difficult to find, but Etsy has a few stores that sell them, such as Purrfect Play, Wagging Green Pet Shop and For Mew Shop.

If you're looking for something on Amazon, then look into hemp rope toys for dogs, like the one from Franklin Pet Supply. Dog toys that are made of rubber (and not vinyl or plastic) are also safer for dogs and are considered environmentally-friendly. Chewber makes some of those. Finally, among the most popular eco friendly dog toys and for more choice, KONG toys are probably your best bet.

The best eco friendly dog toys that are safer for dogs and better for the environment:


Eco Friendly Dog Clothes

There are different types of dog clothes that are made with 100% organic products. They use certified, regenerated and recycled organic fabrics. They may also include materials such as bamboo, ecological cotton and recycled plastic. Some of them include labels printed in green construction paper with vegetable-based inks.

You can find dog jackets made of polyester fleece that help to keep your pet's body warm in winter. Some come sleeveless and include a zip to easily put them on and take them off. Dog sweaters made of 100% wool and inks are made from natural plants. Some have a hood and can be machine washed or hand washed. Some companies also sell organic cotton sweaters for dogs, which may be reversible.

The trend towards eco-sustainable clothing for dogs is so wide now that clothing brands for people like H&M are launching their own collections of pet clothes where they combine and match a dog's outfit with the owner’s. These clothes are made with recycled polyester and cotton, and that includes dog sweaters, hats and other items to protect from the cold.

Some of our favorite eco-friendly dog clothes:


Organic Dog Collars, Leashes and Harnesses

Eco-friendly dog collars, harnesses and leashes can also be made of natural, organic and sustainable materials, using fabrics and natural fibers like cotton, wool, linen, jute and hemp. In addition, the ironwork (carabiners, buckles and rings) are made of bronze, which does not rust and does not get corroded.

When using organic fabrics, these pet supplies may be also better for dogs that have some type of skin allergy. They do not use any pesticides or chemical fertilizers in their production process, since these chemicals are typically responsible for generating skin and even respiratory problems in dogs.

Our favorite eco-friendly dog collars, harnesses and leashes:


Dog Grooming and Care Supplies

Within the range of eco-friendly and/or organic dog products, you can also find stuff for dog grooming, care and general hygiene, some of which are also hypoallergenic. In this group, you have a choice of antibacterial dog deodorants, grooming wipes to clean eyes, face, ears, legs, and dental care products for pets. These are all free of parabens, alcohol, fragrances, chlorine and other toxins or chemicals.

Spray repellents can also be found among eco-friendly pet products. Mostly, it's sprays for dogs to repel mosquitoes and other insects, and they're made from organic ingredients which include citronella, lavender, bergamot, pine and rosemary. They are free of harmful toxins, and can be applied directly to a dog's coat. Within the same concept, there are different types of eco-friendly dog ​​shampoos, some of which are even vegan.

Our favorite eco-friendly dog grooming supplies:

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The Most Eco-friendly and Organic Dog Supplies

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