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Ellen DeGeneres is Designing Her Way Into the Pet World

Ellen DeGeneres is Designing Her Way Into the Pet World

Comedian and talk show host, Ellen DeGeneres, is taking her flair for creativity and embarking on a new line of products to be sold exclusively at one of the leading pet retailers, PetSmart. With more than a decade of apparel and home design to her ED brand, DeGeneres is thrilled to be entering a deal with, perhaps, the leader of box retailer pet stores in all of their 1,450 stores.

To help make this possible the funny lady teamed with Posh Pets out of New York last year to help design her new line for pets. This is a huge perk for PetSmart, as they already have a wide variety of celebrity-inspired products such as their Martha Stewart and Cesar Milan lines. Executive vice president of buying and sourcing for the pet conglomerate, Ted Passig, knows her designs will appeal to the Millennials.

This important demographic has taken on pet parenting at a significant rate, which means a whole lot more business for PetSmart overall.Ellen DeGeneres is Designing Her Way Into the Pet World

However, the Millennials aren't the only pet-lovers that will be barking after DeGeneres' new line. Her products, which will sell between $10 and $50, are sure to appeal to any of us that just want a cute or stylish product for our fur baby. Her new line will include clothes for pets, toys, bowls, beds, collars/harnesses and their matching leashes and pet carriers, as well as grooming products and supplies.

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DeGeneres is passionate about pets and her design work, so we are sure to find some whimsical and all-Ellen products that will keep our pets inspired to play on or just have a long nap in a snuggle bed. Her new pet line is set to hit the box retailer early next year, so watch out for their big promo to be the first of your friends to get an all-Ellen-inspired product (or two).

Ellen DeGeneres is Designing Her Way Into the Pet World

The 58 year-old comedian turned actress turned-talk show host turned designer has had much success since the beginning of her career in the early 1980's. Ellen made us laugh in her sitcom by the same name, we knee-slapped over her comedy routines and she wowed us and our kids with her adorable voice of Dora in Finding Nemo.

But her own branding is not the only animal advocacy DeGeneres has done. She sits on the Board of Directors for the Halo Pet Foundation. Halo, Purely for Pets makes generous donations to help improve the quality of life for all pets and the people who love them. Unlike other corporations, Halo donates a minimum of half their sales to the Halo Pet Foundation which goes towards feeding shelter pets.

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